Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 ( Tablet ) Review 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is one of the best tabs ever launched by Samsung. This tab can surpass the latest tab 7 and tab 7 plus, with an ultra-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 128 GB storage. Likewise, if you think that the storage is not sufficient for you, you don’t have to worry; this tab supports up to 1TB micro SD card. Samsung’s recent update introduces the DeX mode on the tab. Therefore, we can say that this tab is a budget-friendly alternative to a laptop.

Prayer to the predecessor like tab S4, the S6 is thinner and lighter. Even with the 10.5 inches super emulate display, the tab gives a delicate feeling. Compared to the competitor iPad Pro, the S6 has an inner bezel and perfectly rounded corner, giving a minimalist look.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

You can sign in with the style because this tab streamlines with the double-tap gesture to wake up the screen and screen super-fast fingerprint sensor. Samsung may have removed the headphone jack from the tablet because Dolby Atmos and AKG tune quad speakers.

The battery performance of Tab 6 has a (7040-mAh) lesser battery time than all tab S4, which comes with a 7300-mAh battery. Samsung claims that tabs 6 has a 15 hours’ battery Time. We have found out that this tab will last for 10 hours if you continuously play on it during our test.

In competitors like Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple iPad Pro, and Chrome OS, Samsung tells them it is the boss. So it is wise to switch from your all device to Tab 6.

S-Pen support

Although the Galaxy Tab has a lot to offer you, the thing that makes it the king over Apple’s iPad Pro is S Pen stylus support. The first time Samsung designed the Stylus pen according to its design and slotted it into exactly below the camera module. The Stylus pen automatically charges itself when you put it inside the tablet, and the battery lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Indeed, stylish is a highly cool feature; you can stash the pen easily, but you may lose it if you don’t put the pen correctly. To prevent this, Samsung has included cases encompassing the S Pen, which is an ideal option if you frequent Traveler.

When it comes to the best Stylus pen, the only name that comes to everyone’s mind is Samsung, an expert in stylish Technology. From the years, they are successfully running the note series. With the 10.5 inches’ screen and stylus, this tab is a versatile tool. The S Pen makes more sense in Tab 6 as compared to the Note series. Moreover, you can also check Android tablet with HDMI output.

Whether you are a graphic designer or an artist with an ideally proportioned S Pen and a big FHD AMOLED screen, this allows you to explore our hidden inside yourself. To make your artistic work and sketches ideally, I would recommend using the pan application, which will guide you on how to draw things digitally.

If you are not an artist, you can still use the pen for making the casual doodling and send them to your loved ones. You will find plenty of comprehensive design tools in the play store dedicated to digital artists.

Tomorrow at the expense is perfectly balanced and all-rounder for scribbling notes altering screenshot for a notation for drawings. Any task is achievable on the tablet. All it requires you the right level of control over the pen—a steady hand.

This is not a match for Apple pencil, but there is a big difference in money between Apple’s iPad and Samsung S6 tab. It Is an all-rounder package.

What is inside?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 may not win an award, but it is a hidden gem, and the unique display makes a handsome device. The front side of the tab has an in-screen fingerprint sensor so that you can unlock the device easily.

It is not wrong to say that tab six is a Metal Park with sleek software edges and a thinner body. The iPad Pro by Apple weighs 480G, while the tab vi has 420 grams of weight. Thus, We can say that Samsung beats Apple in portability. Compared to the predecessor at 4, this new tab S6 major design improvement.

Furthermore, If You Flip around, you will find our power and volume buttons along with the SIM tray. Since this tab has LTE connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about the legging of the internet. There is a keyboard connector on the opposite side. Attach the keyboard and convert the tab into a laptop.

What I like the most about them is the built-in 2 AKG speakers on the narrow edges. Between you will find a USB C type. There is no audio jack in the tablet, which is quite awkward for this premium class Pro-level tablet.

There is no competition for Samsung when it comes to the display; its color vibrancy is genuinely unique. The tabs offer you a 10 inches super AMOLED screen with 1600 x 2560 p. This display is capable of showing you the deep Inky plaques and fantastic contrast. You can watch Netflix on YouTube and feel the difference by yourself.

In Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best I have ever used or reviewed in my whole life. Hardware productivity and powerful performance give this device a green signal for every user. Likewise, super AMOLED displays and the AKG speakers of the tablet are a media beast.

The only drawback I find in the device is that you have to purchase the keyboard separately for $ to the Apple devices; it is indeed very budget-friendly.

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