Kindle vs Nook: Which Ebook Reader Is Best for You in 2022?

The Kindle vs Nook debate has been going on for years. With new features being added, choosing which is better is hard! But don’t worry because we’ve put together this guide that will help you decide between ebooks and physical books with ease- whether they’re digital reads like novels or articles written in HTML format on blogs; as well as those stored locally within your device using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

Nook vs Kindle: Features Face to Face

The comparison will show the differences between Nook and Kindle.

Design and Display

The design of these two gadgets is very similar. They both have page-flip buttons on their bezels and a separate home button at the bottom, making them easier for readers who want to read without having any physical controls in sight or touch screen navigation system like Paperwhite does. The Nook Glowlight and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite are both 6″ e-ink displays with 300 PPI resolutions, but they have distinct differences when you look at their designs.

The light weight of the latter makes it more portable than other models within this category while still providing an optimal reading experience for customers who prefer darker environments or brighter lights during daytime hours (such as someone living outside).


The Nook Glowlight was created for readers and had all the necessary functionality. However, Amazon recently upgraded its devices with more advanced capabilities, such as X-ray imaging or text-to-speech, making reading easier on your eyes. In addition, some specific features are only found in an e-reader, like listening while underway by wire/wireless earphones2.

The Kindle ebook readers usually have a 300-PPI screen with a glare-free front surface for better reading. This 6″ inch eInk display helps you read comfortably even in bright light because it has smaller characters that are easier on your eyes than other models from competing brands like Kobo or MicroPress. The Paperwhite is one of the best options available if portability isn’t something that concerns users since this device weighs less than 3 ounces without a battery attached.

Preloaded Features

Kindle doesn’t have a built-in function to adjust brightness, but many Kindle owners are lining up for it. For those who find bright light uncomfortable on the eyes or don’t want an extra task when reading in bed at night – Nook has got your back with its LendMe feature, which offers 14-day loans and fewer steps than transferring books between devices.

Books Selection

Kindle device offers users more ebooks than any other firm, with a range of over 6 million titles. Barnes & Noble’s Nook has been known as the go-to spot for readers who enjoy their books on paper and in digital format alike; however, it’s worth noting that there isn’t quite as large a selection when compared side by side against competitors such as Amazon Kindle or Kobo ebook reader (Barnes&Noble).


Nook is the best e-reader for people who have an Android or iOS device because it can also read .epub files, which is important if you want to borrow books from your local library! In addition, Nooks allow users to download their copies of publications, so they don’t need a Wi-Fi connection when traveling abroad–a great feature in this day and age where most internet connections aren’t always reliable anymore.

Battery Life and Audiobooks

It’s no surprise that audiobooks are becoming more popular than ever. And with over one-quarter of all American adults using an e-reader or tablet for reading books, it makes sense why this would be an attractive feature! You can listen while you commute and even plug your headphones into some newer models if needed – but make sure first since not all Nook devices offer support by themselves (you’ll need a specific model).


Kindle has a huge advantage over Nook in many ways. One of the most notable differences is that it features higher quality and more options for reading material, which will be beneficial to those who want their books or other materials handled with care from start to finish.

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