Is Ghost Recon Wildlands Cross-Platform in 2022? (PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5)

Is Ghost Recon Wildlands Cross-Platform

Most expectedly, you will acknowledge several arguments and debates on the internet, including modern games like the ghost recon wildlands. And if you are familiar with the gameplay and overall experience this game provides, you can easily understand why. Regardless, another question popped up on the internet: “is ghost recon wildlands cross-platform in 2022?”. Unfortunately, most users didn’t have a firm and reliable answer. So today, we will try and help resolve this query for you. 

If you play ghost recon wildlands, you readily know the basic gaming mechanism of the game. So, one might presume that cross-platform should be readily available on the platform because it’s initially a type of game that stores the user’s achievement in server storage instead of gaming consoles or the computing system of the gamers. But most of us forget that a game being server/cloud storage based and a cross-platform game are two completely distinguishing characteristics. But experts can easily recognize this difference and let us know about functioning in more detail. 

Introduction To Ghost Recon Wildlands:

Ghost Recon Wildlands was initially released in March 2017 by Ubisoft. The basic mechanism of ghost recon wildlands is that it’s a third-person tactical shooting game with an open-world environment. You can play the game and complete missions with AI teams in a single-player mode. If you want to play with your friends as a team, you can switch to co-operative multiplayer mode and team up for missions. 

The game consists of a team of Special Forces soldiers known as “ghosts.” The plot of this game is based in Bolivia, where a drug cartel dominates the land and resources provided by the government. You, as a player, are a member of the ghost’s team, whose main mission is to eliminate that notorious drug cartel from the location. You can use various weapons and other resources to complete the mission. 

Ghost Recon Wildlands Cross Platform In 2022:

Ghost recon wildlands are developed and presented as a gaming console platform. However, it features gameplay compatibility with PlayStation5, PC, and Xbox, among other console platforms. So, technically it is a cross-platform game in that sense. But the more comprehensive answer is that ghost recon is not a completely cross-platform game. The main reason is that it is unavailable on smartphone devices or previous models of these gaming consoles. It’s no coincidence that ghost recon wildlands are not a cross-platform game because the developer launched it exclusively to maintain the significance and relevance of the game in the world of gamers. 

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Advantages Of Cross Platform Ghost Recon: 

If the developer and officials at the ghost recon wildlands decide to update this game and introduce the cross-platform, it will be very beneficial. Of course, there might be some drawbacks, but this update will significantly boost the gaming experience. We have researched properly and gathered some of the main advantages of ghost recon being a cross-platform game:

  • The gaming experience of ghost recon wildlands will become more enjoyable for the players. Because with cross-platform access, most of their friends using different gaming consoles can join the gameplay too. 
  • Competition in the gameplay will rise significantly as the number of gamers increases. There are a lot of competitive and talented gamers using various gaming consoles, and ghost recon, being cross-platform, would help them. 
  • Gaming communities of a game depend upon the access and gaming mechanism of the respected game. With the cross-platform, ghost recon wildlands will increase players on the platforms. This will ultimately increase the number of gamers and develop an influential gaming community. 
  • This game’s developers will also benefit from ghost recon wildlands becoming a cross-platform game. As a result, it will increase players, and ultimately the sales of this game will increase simultaneously. Hence, more profit and sales of the game will provide revenue to the developers, motivating them to strive for more comfort and innovation for the players. 

Cross Platform Compatibility Of Ghost Recon Wildlands:

As we have mentioned earlier, ghost recon wildlands is not a completely cross-platform game. But still, there is some comfort for the gamers. Certain gaming console platforms have access to the game. Following are the compatibility relation of ghost recon wildlands among various platforms:

PlayStation5 and PlayStation 4:

Yes, you can play ghost recon wildlands using PlayStation4 or PlayStation5 gaming consoles. So, now you don’t have to update your gaming console from 4 to 5 if you want to play ghost recon using PlayStation. 

Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X and Xbox One:

You can enjoy the gameplay of the ghost recon with Xbox one and Xbox series s or series x. hence, it’s also relieving to know that you and your beloved ones can play ghost recon with either gaming console from Xbox mentioned above. 

Xbox and PlayStation:

Unfortunately, you cannot play ghost recon wildlands using different gaming console platforms. Instead, you will have to use the same gaming console platforms to play together, which ultimately means that one user playing with Xbox and their friend using a PlayStation console is not an option with ghost recon. 

PC and Xbox or PlayStation:

No, players are not eligible to play ghost recon across different gaming platforms. You must ensure that you and your team use the same console platforms to play ghost recon as a multiplayer team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ghost Recon Wildlands:

Can you define crossplay in ghost recon wildlands?

Cross play in ghost recon wildlands is generally defined as players are allowed to play ghost recon with gaming consoles independent of their console platforms in a team. This will be very beneficial for the gamers if it happens soon via an update from the developers. 

Is cross-generational play possible on ghost recon wildlands?

Yes, you can play ghost recon wildlands using cross-generational consoles. The only condition is that your gaming console platform should be the same and not variating, which means a new Xbox with an older Xbox, a previous PlayStation with an updated PlayStation, a modern PC with a standard PC, and vice versa. 

Does ghost recon wildlands provide cross-progression?

Yes, ghost recon wildlands provide cross-progression, but it’s limited to the same gaming console platform. This roughly means that you will not be able to continue game progression if you switch your console from Xbox to PlayStation or vice versa. 

Why do players want to cross platforms in ghost recon wildlands?

Players eagerly await cross-platform access in the ghost recon wildlands because it will increase comfort in building teams, create a more compact gaming experience and competitive gameplay and establish a proper gaming community. 

Can gamers play ghost recon wildlands offline?

Yes, you can play ghost recon wildlands offline or without stable internet connectivity. Ensure updates in the game, and you can freely play the game offline as long as you want. 


Ghost Recon Wildlands is, without a doubt, an amazing tactical shooting game. But due to its launching strategy, gamers are not allowed yet to enjoy the gameplay as a cross-platform game. However, there are certain methods to play games with your beloved ones. , switch to similar console platforms, and play ghost recon freely. Additionally, you can consult professional gamers or experts and visit the official website of ghost recon wildlands for a more detailed briefing. Thanks for reading. 

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