How to Use a Laptop as Monitor for Switch (Ultimate Guide) 2022

In most cases, you’ll like to attach the Nintendo Switch Console to your tv so that you really can enjoy playing the game on such a huge screen. Yet, there may be situations in which your Television is just not functioning properly, or you’d be flying and wish to unwind just at the start of the evening by enjoying just several video games before retiring to the bedroom.

How to Use a Laptop as Monitor for Switch

Whichever the case, if you’re interested in learning how to use a laptop as a display and for Nintendo Switch, you must be aware that you’ll have to attach the computer to the console first. In these Nintendo Guideline methods for doing this.

As a result, one did no longer takes stress regarding the complex setup. Trust me; it’s not that hard. If you are uneducated in Tech, the procedures are very simple to follow.

Nowadays, almost every Laptop has an HDMI port or Display Switch. Therefore, you may use any of the choices listed above to display the Nintendo. However, a  computer must have an HDMI port. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play games on the laptop screen.

Moreover, keep in mind your Laptop should have an HDMI input port. Don’t get mistaken by the Output port. There is a distinction between the input and output ports.

What is the reason for saying this? Since this input port is not present on the majority of computers. If yours did, you’d likely be informed. In reality, although about 0.01 percent of computers are equipped with the HDMI port for video transmission.

Wide margin, the Alienware, the subsidiary Dell series, is the only one well-known for offering the User an HDMI input connector. You might be taking the idea that the HDMI output connection looks the same and operates in the same way, but attempting to show your Nintendo switch on your laptop via an HDMI output is wont to be successful at all.

As a sample, think of the situation in which you pull the HDMI wire and connect it to the HDMI output on the Laptop and the HDMI input on the Television. This is followed by the presentation of the laptop screen on the television screen. Of course, all televisions are equipped with an HDMI input connector; nevertheless, laptops aren’t designed with this capability in consideration.

Which things do I need to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for Switch?

Nintendo Docking Station

It is pre-installed with the console and is the only method to connect to and see the Switch on other devices, such as a computer monitor or Television. However, if your Dock has been damaged or you want to have several docks, you may purchase one from HERE.

Capture Card for the Game

The Game Capture Card was originally designed to broadcast console gaming to a PC. It essentially functions as a connector, with an HDMI input port, an HDMI output port, and a USB port, transmitting connection to the Laptop’s operating system.

In addition, You should utilize a high-quality sound capture card to provide a smooth and lag-free experience.

HDMI Cables are a kind of cable that transmits video via a digital signal.

This procedure requires the use of a single HDMI cable. Fortunately, one is included with the VCC, and the other is included with the Nintendo. Either of them will function very well. Be helpful to grab an HDMI port with you, but if you don’t get one on hand.


The app for the VCC will also be required to operate with the computer and manage the Nintendo when connected to the docking station. Downloading the application from the company’s website is open-sourced.

Connecting a Nintendo Switch to a laptop is a simple process.

  • Attach the Nintendo Switch towards the Dock using the included cable. Simply connecting the Dock’s cord to the USB-C connection on the Switch is all that is required.
  • You should remove any HDMI cables that link the Docking to the Television or screen, whether you have attached it.
  • Connect the Nintendo Dock and the Capture Card using an HDMI cable, being sure to connect the wire into the “HDMI in” socket on the Capture Card’s back.
  • Open the GCC app on your Laptop and start recording.
  • While the Nintendo Switch is docked, could you turn it on?
  • Attach the GCC with the Laptop using the USB connection that was provided. Following that, you can see the Dashboard of the Nintendo shown directly on your computer in only a few moments.
  • Operate the Nintendo just on a laptop using the Joy-Con controller. If you want to have a comprehensive massive sensation, you may select widescreen mode and watch online. You may also capture the games, use the backward record function, and participate in chat sessions and comments.
  • You may use the Nintendo to play games on your PC and gain economic use of its capabilities. That is similar to a specific aspect, allowing for the most effective juggling possible.

Is There a Better Alternative?

In any case, up until today, this has been the only method available for connecting to and using the Nintendo Ds on computers. The price of the GCC, on the other hand, is very significant. Several of the titles are accessible on the Microsoft Store; if you’re just interested in playing apps from the Nintendo, give them a go.

Simulators also allow you to play Switch games on a laptop or desktop computer. However, keep in mind that simulators are still in their early stages of development. As a consequence, there are severe delays and a large number of problems to face.

Nevertheless, take your pick from either of these choices to get a sneak look at the gameplay.

The HDMI capturing adapters are an excellent choice for connecting the Nintendo Switch to a laptop. Because of its USB-C capabilities, it provides a nearly lag-free customer journey. However, there are still some.

Closing Thoughts

Unless you are prepared to tolerate it and intend to enjoy the Nintendo games on a larger display at the house most of the time, go ahead. It is highly recommended that the Nintendo Switch be connected to the Laptop in this situation. Also, ensure you get a Game Capture Card with good audio fidelity.

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