How To Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Working Error? 2022

MultiVersus is a great platform fighting game that has recently received some working tutorial errors. The game is launched in 2022 and has received amazing responses from critics and users worldwide. You can play with nineteen iconic characters owned by the Warner Bros franchise. More playable characters are expected to be featured with time. However, regardless of all the positive responses it has received, there are some minor bugs mentioned by gamers. 

The variation in the combination offense of each character is more precise and qualitative than in most other games in this genre. Still, the newly launched game has some visual glitches, bugs, and errors. The most highlighted and notorious issue is the error in working the game’s KBI tutorial. Initially, the game features a dedicated tutorial for players to understand each playable character’s offensive and defensive combinations. 

The KBI tutorial is quite helpful and convenient while playing games online as it lets users learn various defensive measures when opponents use their best strategic attacks on your character. You can avoid offensive attempts on your selected character by using directional keys as an anchor. This sounds like it’s quite easy to do, but some characters like Wonder Woman cause errors as they resist the smooth rhythmic flow of the game and produce bugs and glitches. Most of the issues have arisen when you pick similar characters to fight against each other. It is unlikely to hear that different characters have caused issues while virtually competing in the Mutliversus game.

Methods To Fix The MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Working Error:

It is causing a real stressing issue for the players, and measures to solve this problem seem to add to the actual problem. The KBI tutorial helps better understand the game, and you can understand the defense against knockback damage caused by the offense by the characters in the game, such as wonder woman. It would be best if you did not worry as we have gathered some productive methods to resolve this issue. You will have to read this article carefully to fix this recurring issue.

Following are a few methods to fix the KBI tutorial working error:

For Xbox and Playstation Users:

It is reported by various players of MultiVersus on the internet that you can resolve this issue on multiple gaming platforms by simply restarting the game several times until the error is fixed. There might be a possibility that this is a beneficial method; still, it’s not universally acclaimed by gamers. But there is good news for Playstation and Xbox gamers they can sneakily escape the portion which causes an error by using the basic steps explained below.

  • Start the gameplay of MultiVersusas usual 
  • Play until the KBI tutorial appears
  • Hold the analog stick from the bottom left direction 
  • While holding it, press the PS or Xbox icon key simultaneously 
  • Make sure to press the home button when the wonder woman shield bash animation is halfway through 
  • Once her offense is complete, ensure to hold that analog key in the bottom left direction 
  • This works fine usually unless your character gets knocked out

This has been proven beneficial for many players and gamers online, as many have praised the method as great for short-term solutions from the users until it’s not fixed from the developer’s end. 

For Steam Users:

The solution is similar for most steam players, as mentioned above for other platform users. But some gamers on the internet have claimed to use different methods to tackle this issue. One of the most famous methods for gamers on Steam is mentioned below:

  • Launch the game in your system and start the gameplay
  • Play with Wonder Woman against herself
  • Once the opponent attacks with a shield, hold the ALT and TAB key before she launches you out of the arena
  • This usually works for steam players unless your power levels are not very low 

Use this method at the same instance as mentioned for Playstation and Xbox users. It is used by many gamers internationally, and we are very hopeful that this will resolve the error in the KBI tutorial working as soon as possible. If this method is not helpful for you, wait until the developers fix the issue. 


Most gamers and fans of these iconic characters have been waiting for this epic game for a while now. The gameplay, global influence, and creative advancement in the game are unmatched. But like every other manufacturing technology, this has some drawbacks and limitations. The gaming community hopes to get developers a proper solution for the issue soon. Apply the methods explained in the article precisely, and you might solve it yourself. Use the guidance of experts for better results and consult user services platforms for more detailed guidance in this regard. 

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