How To Delete Roblox Account Permanently?

How To Delete Roblox Account Permanently

Roblox is a very popular online game, yet sometimes users need to disable or delete Roblox accounts, but they don’t know how to do it properly. Like any other online gaming platform, Roblox does not intend to please every user on the internet. The games are roughly based around programming and coding, which is not the field of interest of every gamer. Some people try playing this productive and popular game, but it fails to match their preferences; hence they have to stop playing it. It is an ethical and safer practice to disable or delete your account if you don’t intend to use such a platform again. This deletion prevents misuse and theft of your personal information and misuse of your online existence. 

Introduction To Roblox:

Roblox is a games development program developed by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. It was developed at Roblox Corporation and initially released in 2006. The main working mechanism of the game is that users can program and play games while allowing other users to experience their created games simultaneously. The gaming program initially had several programming languages for the ease of people. At the start, Roblox was not famous and successful, but this pandemic has boosted the fame and importance of the game on a global scale. 

Methods To Delete Roblox Account:

Even though the game is free to play and has several positive contributions to children’s growth, like every other platform, Roblox is also exploited and misused by some users. Due to the moderating policies of the manufacturers and inappropriate involvement of users on the platform, some parents and guardians prefer their children to stop using Roblox to live a safer life with less mental and emotional exploitation. Some adults also decide to quit further usage of this game’s programming platform due to their ideologies and perception regarding such platforms. 

These and several other reasons require disabling or deleting Roblox accounts. But, this feature is not readily and easily available for all users. The main reason is that Roblox doesn’t offer deletion of accounts on the platform, and users don’t know how to delete Roblox accounts. As users demand methods to delete their accounts, we have researched and gathered some useful and working methods to disable them. Read all these methods carefully and then select which option is more convenient and suitable for you. 

Following are some methods to delete a Roblox account:

Contacting Support Page:

The first and foremost method to delete your Roblox account is to deactivate it using the support webpage of the games programming platform. This method is simpler and works more efficiently than other methods because it doesn’t involve external means to disable your account. You need to follow these simple instructions to deactivate your Roblox account:

  • Open Roblox and sign in to your account 
  • At the bottom of the login page, the help icon will be visible 
  • Click on “help” and select “contact us” once the next page loads
  • Select the page link titled “support form.”
  • By clicking on the support form, a new tab will open 
  • Provide required and relative information in the columns
  • In the “issue detail” section, mention your device first
  • In the “type of help category,” select “billing and payment.”
  • Select “cancel membership.”
  • Provide a” description of the issue” briefly 
  • Once everything is done, click on the submit icon and send the contact form 
  • Developers will contact you for verification and further details 
  • Roblox officials will delete your account finally 

Contacting The Customer Care:

Roblox doesn’t readily feature the deletion of accounts, but they have responsive and effective customer care. You might contact the customer care service through your smart device and ask them to delete the Roblox account. But for this purpose, you require their telephone number. Fortunately, we found the telephone number, and it’s mentioned as “888-858-BLOX”. This telephone number is available for the customer care service of Roblox. Follow these steps to delete your account by calling Roblox customer care:

  • Dial the given contact number into your device 
  • Once the number is dialed, wait for contact to be established
  • Verify the recipient on the other end and then provide your basic information 
  • The service provider will verify your information 
  • Provide your reason for disabling your account briefly 
  • developers at Roblox will delete your account in some hours

By Emailing The Developers:

You can contact major, trusted gaming, and other application developers using your email. Officials at Roblox pay significant attention to customer feedback and receive emails. Users can easily use this method if they don’t have a network connection. Some users generally prefer sending mail instead of calling customer service. You can follow these steps to deactivate your Roblox account using email:

  • Open your mail platform 
  • Compose an email for “deactivation of the account.”
  • Provide your basic information like username, Roblox id, etc.
  • Give a brief reason to delete the account 
  • Send the mail to “”
  • You will receive a notification through email when your account is deleted

Stop Using The Roblox Account:

After you have tried calling customer service, email, etc., and there is no effective response to your request, there are a few other methods to try. One of such methods is to avoid using Roblox by signing in to an account intended to deactivate. Roblox’s policy is that inactive user accounts are deactivated after a year. This means stopping the usage of your account for a year, and Roblox will automatically delete your account due to inactivity for a long period. Many users have used this method after trying previously mentioned ways to delete Roblox accounts. However, this is less effective yet a possible option to deactivate your account. Decide carefully if you want to use this method, as it risks your account exploitation from some users while you are non-reactive on the platform. 

How To Restore a Roblox Account Once It’s Deleted?

In some cases, people decide to reuse their previous Roblox account. In such a scenario, users face difficulty restoring their account and using it again. You don’t have to worry about that, too, as we have an effective method to restore a deleted account for you. Users are advised to follow these guidelines to restore the deleted Roblox account:

  • Open mail 
  • Compose an email to “restore your deactivated account.”
  • Provide basic information like Roblox id, username, etc.
  • Send the structured mail to
  • You will receive a reply from developers asking to provide more verification 
  • Provide more information to the developers
  • Roblox officials will notify you once your account is restored


Roblox is, without a doubt, one of the most successful and beneficial gaming platforms. Unfortunately, users sometimes have to delete or deactivate Roblox accounts for various reasons. We have explained a basic introduction to the games programming platform first. Then, to resolve the issue of the users, we have also mentioned some beneficial ways to deactivate or delete Roblox accounts. Finally, if required, an additional method is to restore deleted Roblox accounts for users. Read all these methods carefully and consult developers and experts for further guidance and suggestions. Thanks for reading. 

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