How to Customize Lock Screen on iPhone with iOS 16?

How to Customize Lock Screen on iPhone with iOS 16

What New Apple is Bringing in Lock Screen?

One of the biggest changes coming to the Lock Screen is the addition of multiple lock screens. Now, you can have a different lock screen for each of your apps. So, if you want a different wallpaper for your home screen and your lock screen, you can now do that. You can also customize the look of your apps on the Lock Screen. So, if you want your Facebook app to have a different icon or name on the Lock Screen, you can now do that too.

Another big change coming to the Lock Screen is personalization. With iOS 16, you will be able to set up a personalized Lock Screen for each person in your family. This way, you can have a different wallpaper and layout for each person.

Lastly, the Lock Screen is also getting some much-needed attention in terms of security. With iOS 16, you will be able to set up a passcode for your Lock Screen. This way, you can make sure that only you can access your Lock Screen.

Customizing Lock Screen on iPhone with iOS 16:

To customize the Lock Screen on your iPhone with iOS 16, you will first need to unlock your iPhone. Then, long-tap anywhere on your current lock screen. The screen for customizing the lock screen will open.

How To Customize the Wallpaper?

On the main screen, tap on the ‘+’ icon in the bottom-right corner. This will open the overlay screen for adding a new wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper from Featured, Weather & Astronomy, Emoji, Collections, or Color.

When using Emojis, you can use the ones already available or create a wallpaper by using any combination of emojis from the emoji keyboard. You can also change the layout of the emojis to the small grid, medium grid, large grid, rings, or spiral by swiping through the different styles as well as the background color.

Similarly, when using Weather & Astronomy, you can choose from a number of different backgrounds. You can also change the layout of the information in the background.

If you want to use a custom photo as your wallpaper, tap on the ‘+’ icon in the top-right corner. This will open your Photo Library. Choose a photo from your library and tap on ‘Use Photo.’

Once you have chosen a wallpaper, tap on ‘Set’ in the top-right corner. This will set the wallpaper as your lock screen wallpaper.

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How To Customize the widgets?

  • To customize your lock screen widgets, tap on the empty box below the time.
  • A list of available widget appear in front of you
  • Choose the widgets you like.
  • You can have between two and up to 4 Lock Screen widgets, depending on their sizes.
  • When you’re finished arranging your new widget(s), tap “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Now, every time you pick up and unlock your phone, tons of info will be readily accessible!

Should You Install Beta iOS 16 on iPhone or Wait for the Official Release?

iOS 16 is coming out soon, and there are already a lot of people wondering if they should install the beta or wait for the official release. Here are some things to consider before you make your decision.

The first thing you need to know is that installing a beta version of iOS comes with some risks. Beta versions are not as stable as the final release, so there’s a chance that something could go wrong and cause problems with your iPhone. If you’re someone who relies on their iPhone for work or other important tasks, then it’s probably not worth taking the risk of installing a beta version. However, if you’re someone who likes to be on the cutting edge of technology and doesn’t mind dealing with occasional bugs, then installing the iOS 16 beta might be a good idea for you.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program and install the beta profile on your iPhone before you can download and install the beta. If you’re still not sure if you should install the iOS 16 beta or wait for the official release, then consider how much free time you have. If you have a lot of free time and don’t mind dealing with bugs, then go ahead and install the beta. However, if you only have a limited amount of time or just want to wait for a stable version of iOS 16, then it’s probably better to wait for the official release. No matter what you decide, just make sure to backup your iPhone before installing any software updates, just in case something goes wrong.

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