How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI (Complete Guide) 2022

To really enjoy the PS4’s spirit and power, you must be a dedicated gamer yourself. The PlayStation 4, often known as the PS4, is one of the most innovative choices ever created. Nonetheless, what’s the status of the checks compatible with the most up-to-date technology? Are you looking for advice about how to utilize a laptop with the PlayStation 4?

How to connect ps4 to laptop with HDMI

You can turn this tough job into a cuppa tea about you by considering each step from the outset. And make an effort to view each essential element of playing PS4 on the laptop that you can.

How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Using HDMI Cable?

In addition to an input port, the HDMI socket on your laptop also includes a connection type. Further, the HDMI connector on the PS4 contains a connection type, which allows you to connect the PS4 to a computer. Your laptop should have a display input that includes an HDMI port. The method of connecting the PS4 Controller to a normal laptop is, however, rather complex.

If you like to play games on PlayStation4 on a monitor screen rather than an LED tv set, this is the case. Because of the HDMI connector, it is not feasible to interface the Playstation 4 to a laptop. It has a quasi input as well as an output. The material from the PS4 would only be displayed on the remote laptop panel when using this HDMI connection.


In this section, you’ll discover two more methods for obtaining advice. How can I play PS4 on a laptop pc screen with an HDMI connection? In addition to other knowledge to assist you in getting stuff done.

Through the use of a video capture card

You may play on a Playstation 4 laptop equipped with a big HDMI display by utilizing a video capture card. This is not difficult for gaming enthusiasts to start playing on an LCD television or a laptop.

Using video ca, a functioning laptop display capable of playing PlayStation 4 games through HDMI, is a simple method to get it installed. However, it is necessary to be more selective in the assistance you provide to others to avoid alienating them.

This method necessitates the use of certain equipment.

  • PlayStation 4
  • Laptop
  • VCC (Video Capture Card)
  • HDMI Cable
  • Internet access

After you have located all of the necessary materials, go to the next step. Obey the rest of the steps in this method to finish off the process.

VCC Configuration

Connect and configure the Video Capture Card on the laptop by connecting it to the USB port. It is suggested to use a strong VCC.

USE S-Step Cable

To link the VCC to your Playstation 4 device, you must need an S-Video lead —. Attach the HDMI over on the PlayStation to the HDMI in the VCC.

Run the VCC Software

Start the PlayStation and run the VCC software on the laptop by pressing the Start button on the PS4. , you notice the name of your gaming system on display.

Bonjour! Users may now use a VCC to PlayStation 4 on the laptop that has HDMI input. That is all there is to it.


Sony’s Online Program offers users real authority over the PS4 gaming, allowing users to broadcast it to a desktop OS. The software would enable you to engage within PS4 gaming experiences. As a result of the wireless links to the Playstation 4 console. you have

Ensure the below-listed items are in order

  • PlayStation 4
  • Laptop 
  • Sony Network Account
  • USB/ Wireless Adaptor
  • Excellent Bandwidth Internet

Visit the Sony Website

Go and download the “Sony Remote Play Application.” But make sure you will download the latest version of the software. Otherwise, you will not be able to play games remotely. Above all, the Sony software is available for both Windows or Macintosh. The purpose of the sony application is to make it possible to broadcast the PS4 on the Laptop Screen.

Ensure the Stable Connection

If you own more than one PS4, you need to set one console as the primary device.

Your console should have the software package with version 3.50. Otherwise, update the software of the console.

Activate Rest Mode

The user should activate rest mode. It is typically automatically configured; nevertheless, it is always a good idea to double-check.

Organize your time and resources.

Once you are done with the basic adjustments to the PlayStation Menu, you’ll have to turn to the “Sony Remote Play software” on your laptop. Normally, You may find the option in the bottom left of the software.

 All configurations should be in the same manner. You can customize the resolution setting to high definition. However, due to the choice made at the top, it is always set to 720p. In particular, you’ll need a high-capacity and a PlayStation 4 Professional.

Connect the Controller

Sony Dualshock 4 controller has been connected. So, connect the DualShock 4 to the laptop. You may either through USB a

Double Click Start Option

If you run the “Sony Remote Play software ” on the laptop, press the Start option. Next, press the Power button, and you’ll be asked to sign in to your PS4 Network account. To begin, the app will look for the PS4 on the connection.

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Frequently asked Question

What happens if I connect my PS4 to my PC with HDMI?

The system looks for the Playstation 4 that you have configured in your account. Put in place your PlayStation 4 system and then access the internet. Once it establishes a connection, the display of the PlayStation 4 appears on the Computer.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 With HDMI?

Start the PS4 and the VCC app on the laptop by pressing the Start button on the station. Mostly on display, you would have seen the name of your gaming system.

Is it possible to connect a PlayStation 4 to a computer via HDMI?

Yes, you may leverage the HDMI connection on the Computer to connect the Playstation and play games while on the move when traveling.

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