How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart Tv Not In App Store 

Add Apps To Vizio Smart Tv Not In App Store 

Vizio smart tv users have been asking to add apps not present on the AppStore for a while now, and it’s time we take their request and properly answer the query. The baseline is clear to everyone: Vizio smart tv has some specific apps pre-installed, and a normal user can’t easily add more applications per their choice. Now, how to add apps to Vizio smart tv not in app store? And what is the easiest way is the main subject of our discussion today. Without wasting any time, let’s get straight into it. 

Most of the apps we use for Vizio smart TVs are limited to Vizio TVs only. This ultimately means that if you want to enjoy various music or streaming platforms, they will only be readily available to you. But there’s no hopelessness on the issue since we manage to consult professionals and gather some of the best tips and methods you can use to add apps to Vizio smart tv not available on the app store. Hence, don’t worry about the lacking and limited default applications on the Vizio smart TVs; many more possible installations are waiting for you. 

How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart Tv Not In App Store 

The procedure isn’t so difficult to understand; it’s just sequential. If you properly understand and implement the mentioned methods and guidelines, then utilizing your desired apps on Vizio tv isn’t a problem. Just read these easy and understandable tricks and hacks leading you to use each of your loved applications properly. Remember that following the mentioned sequence is equally important to the steps themselves. Hence, with more attention to detail, you will easily learn this app-saver methodology. 

Following is the simplest way to add apps to Vizio smart tv, not in the app store:

Firstly you have to access the applications unavailable on the Vizio smart tv. For this sole purpose, you need to have a smart device that contains the specific application you want to add to the Vizio tv. Once you have that app working on another streaming device, you can continue to fulfill the upcoming part of the process. 

Now, connect the app containing the smart device with your Vizio smart tv through the USB cable and connective port allocated on both devices. If you don’t have a smart device nearby, the next option is the PC. 

You would need Chromecast to form a connection with Vizio smart tv. Then, utilize Chromecast through the search browser of your device to cast the screen to Vizio smart tv. This might need some retry or multiple connective efforts, but it would finally form a connection to continue the process. 

Once the Chromecast is cast to your Vizio smart tv, you can easily install the desired application without any problem. 

There Is an added benefit in using the streaming device to install unavailable applications of Vizio smart tv. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the model and year of production of that specific Vizio tv. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to do if apps are not available on the v button?

If your desired application is not available on the V button of the Vizio smart tv, the most appropriate method of installing that app is by VIA plus of Vizio. But the Vizio internet application is one of many to add applications on the smart tv since you can copy apps through a USB and even use the Smart casting. 

Where to find the applications which are not pre-installed on Vizio smart tv?

The following method shows how to find and add the apps which are not pre-installed on the Vizio smart tv:

  • Firstly press the v key on your control remote for smart tv. 
  • Once the optionalities are shown, you must choose the “Connected Tv Store.”
  • Now, as the tv store is accessible, select all available applications on the smart tv. 
  • Now that you have selected all available applications, you can see which app should be installed. 
  • Now after choosing your preferred application from the Vizio smart app store, press “ok” to start the downloading process. 
  • This is how the application is installed, and now you can easily use this application appearing on the left corner of your application list on TV. 

Can I add apps on the Vizio smart tv?

Yes, it is possible to add applications on the Vizio smart tv. All you have to do is to install the non-pre-installed app through the tv’s app store or use the screen chrome cast to download it. Then, use the “V or home” control key of the remote control to view and locate the available and uninstalled applications on the smart tv. 

What is the method to add previous versions of apps on Vizio tv?

It is usually a noticed pattern that the Vizio application store keeps the original and previous versions of the pre-installed and other available applications. Use the VIA key control to navigate the search bar and select your desired app. Now, there would be an option to install the latest and some previous version of the app you want to download. 

Is google play store available on Vizio smart tv?

In some specific models of the Vizio smart tv, the google play store is steadily available. If the play store is available on your tv, you can also download the available applications on the platform. Again use the V control key to navigate and select the application you want to download from the google play store. 


These are some of the alternative conditions of how to add apps to Vizio smart tv not in the app store. There is no longer a need to sit down and analyze the manual reader for hours. Streaming devices must be the best option for downloading and installing unavailable applications on the Vizio smart tv. The methods are not very complex and difficult, so follow the prescribed pattern, and it would only take a minute or two. Consulting a professional electronics expert is highly advisable if you still have any misconceptions about the method or steps. Thanks for reading. 

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