Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings: How To Get, Farm, Equip

When playing Fire Emblem Engage, players come across numerous collectibles. One of them is Ring bonds that can boost in-game stats. These Ring bonds are powerful and boost various game mechanics, making them essential for all players. Additionally, these rings are unique from all other Emblem Rings as you can’t equip them while wearing any other Emblem Ring equipped in the game. In this guide, I will inform you of the ins and outs of Bond Rings, including how they work, methods to farm them effectively, upgrading tactics as well as equipping information.

How To Get Bond Rings in FEE?

If you want to acquire the Bond Rings from Fire Emblem Engage, journey to Ring Chamber on Somniel Base. Once there, proceed to Central Pedestal and select “Create Bond Rings,” followed by selecting an emblem from the provided list of options. To craft the 1 Bond Ring, you will need 100 Bond Fragments. So, put in some effort and get your ring crafted. With Fire Emblem’s Bond Rings, you can form meaningful connections with each character from the franchise and witness their interactions unfold.

Furthermore, each Bond Ring is named after a character and has its own ranking system beginning with Tier C – the lowest one that offers minimal benefits to boost stats- up to Tier S, which provides exceptional boosts in stats.

How To Equip Bond Rings in FEE?

To equip a bond ring in Fire Emblem Engage, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate FE Engage menu from the main page.
  • Now, select the Emblem Ring option from the menu.
  • Choose the Bond Ring that fits your style and personality with Equip.
  • Choose which party member you would like to equip the Bond Ring upon.

How To Upgrade Bond Rings in FEE?

Unfortunately, you cannot influence which tier of Bond Ring you craft in FE Engage. From a C-Tier to an S-Tier could be randomly crafted — albeit lower-grade rings are more likely to appear than their stronger cousins. Nevertheless, even though low-tier Rings might possess less power than higher-tiered variants, they provide some boost, however small it may seem.

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to power up your items, then combining Lower Tier rings is the route. For instance, merging C-tier rings will grant you a B-tier ring, and so on. In addition, this innovative approach will allow you to obtain High Tier rings.

How To Farm Bond Fragments?

As I mentioned previously, you need plenty of the Bond fragments to craft the Bond Rings so if you are facing difficulty in farming them, then follow the below-mentioned ways:

  • Speak with Allies
  • Meet Donation Target
  • Complete Bulletin Board Task
  • Skirmish Matches
  • Additional Activities

#1 Way (Speak with Allies)

Look no further if you’re searching for an effortless solution to gaining Bond Fragments in FEE! Explore after every battle and converse with your allies. You will receive 50 Bond Fragments for each conversation, which pays off quickly. This is a great way to acquire the fragments without bothering anyone else or putting any extra work into them.

#2 Way (Meet Donation Target)

If you move past Chapter 3, you can gain Bond Fragments by offering the gold required to fulfill the needs of individual nations in Elyos. In simpler terms, donate a specific amount of gold and get your desired Bond Fragment reward.

#3 Way (Complete Bulletin Board Task)

The Bulletin board is your best friend if you want to farm bond fragments. Keep checking in regularly and complete any tasks listed, as this can yield rewards ranging from 10-20,000 Bond Fragments! Each achievement comes with a different reward – so what are you waiting for? Get farming today

#4 Way (Skirmish Matches)

After completing the game’s main storyline, you will be able to unlock Skirmish Matches. These matches are extremely beneficial when it comes time to farm Bond Fragments – keep playing and reaping the rewards! By progressing through Skirmish Matches, again and again, you can gain an abundance of Bond Fragments.

#5 Way (Additional Activities)

For Bond fragment farming, complete the following activities:

  • Once you have completed the strenuous strength training exercises outlined in Chapter 4, you will be rewarded with a Bond Fragment.
  • Fishing is a great way to earn Bond Fragments in FEE. After completing the game’s main storyline and reaching Chapter 8, players can begin fishing to get their hands on some of these valuable items.
  • One of the easiest and most exciting ways to farm Bond Fragments in FEE is by riding a Wyvern after completing Chapter 11.

That’s all you need to know about Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage. This guide will help you understand the importance and utility of Bond Rings. With luck, it’ll also make your journey through FE Engage more enjoyable! Good luck!

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