Evga Ends Nvidia Video Card

Evga Ends Nvidia Video Card

According to a recent report, gaming hardware company EVGA is so fed up with working with Nvidia that it has decided to stop making graphics cards altogether. The report comes from YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead, which has been reliable in the past when it comes to leaks and rumors within the tech industry.

If the report is true, it will mark a major shift for EVGA, which has been making graphics cards since 1999. The company has always been closely aligned with Nvidia, and its range of cards has generally been targeted at gamers who are looking for the best possible performance. However, it seems that EVGA may have grown tired of waiting for Nvidia to release new high-end cards and has decided to focus on other areas instead.

It’s not clear what those other areas might be, but the report suggests that EVGA is looking at “diversifying its portfolio” and expanding into new markets. This could mean anything from making its own CPUs and motherboards to entering the burgeoning field of cloud gaming. Whatever the case may be, it looks like we could be seeing a very different EVGA in the near future.


Only time will tell if this report turns out to be true, but if it is, it would certainly be a surprise. EVGA has always been closely associated with Nvidia, and its departure from the graphics card market would leave a big hole. However, given the current state of affairs with regard to high-end cards, it’s not entirely surprising that EVGA would want to explore other options. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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