Best TVs For Xbox Series X and S 2022

To enjoy the next-gen graphics, features, and gaming, you need the best TVs for Xbox series x and s. Without cutting-edge and latest technology TV, you cannot fully explore the magic inside your console. I know what you are Imagining; right now, you can connect the console to any TV having an HDMI port. But in actuality, it is not true you need a new TV to have the ultimate gaming experience.


Nowadays, every TV available in the market offers the UHD 4K resolution. However, only a few of them are capable of giving you the variable refresh rate and 120 Frames Per Second. To enjoy the smooth and reduced noise experience, you need a TV with at least 120 FPS. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money getting an 8k resolution and 88 inches’ laptop to get the features.

Furthermore, it is not easy to find out the Xbox series X stock version and PlayStation 5 stock, but choosing the TV for your console won’t be that much hard, honestly. Both the PS 5 and box come with a fast loading time and a fancy user interface. These consoles are from the next generation and the latest technology. So if you really want to experience what your console is really capable of, you should consider a new era TV. You can also check Best Headset for Xbox Series X/S.

Top Rated TVs for Xbox series x and s

Fortunately, You don’t have to worry about finding the TV for your console. Here is the list of the best TVs for Xbox series x and s. You can go and pick the one according to your specific requirements.

  1. LG OLED65CXPUA Alexa Built-in CX 65-inch 4K Smart OLED TV
  2. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series
  3. Hisense 55-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV
  4. TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED
  5. Skyworth 42S3G Inch Premium 1080P HD LED

LG OLED65CXPUA Alexa Built-in CX 65-inch 4K Smart OLED TV


LG OLED TV is one of the best TVs with OLED pixels that have their own light. So it provides you the ideal dark, vibrant color and better image. The only technology in the TV is the OLED which allows the pixels to work independently, turn on and off separately. Millions of the pixels in LD OLED provide stunning pictures, infinite brightness and contrasts, and rich coloring.

Likewise, LG never disappoints its fans, so the OLED65CXPUA has the signature webOS. The WebOS is amazingly fast and easy to utilize for streaming web series and movies online. You will fall in with the TV as it contains your required apps.

Built Alexa and Magic Remote allow you to speak the name with voice or the motion and perform the action. This feature is quite friendly and easy to use. Above all, this LED comes with a9 GEN 3 Artificial Intelligence 4K processor. So everything you listen to and speak will become automatically smoother and clearer. You don’t need to do anything, just sit and relax.

For an on-stop gaming experience, this LG TV comes with an AI-powered technology picture. And quality transports you to the moment. The OLED65CXPUA is the complete package of the Gaming features and the latest tech. For instance, NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync give an upper edge with less Lag.

LG OLED65CXPUA Alexa Built-in CX 65-inch 4K Smart OLED TV Features

  • Every OLED pixels has its own light
  • Built-in Alexa
  •  NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Support
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SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series

SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series

For the QLED lover, you will not have any better option than Samsung 55 inches. Also, you will experience sharp-like blades and striking contrast Samsung for including the intuitive backlight LED array. The cherry on top is that this LED offers an automatic photo of upscale quality up to the 4K resolution. Plus, the Ultra-wide view adds crisp and clear quality to every scene of the movie.

Further, improve the richness of the dark to the bright scene. There is an exemplary control call backlighting zone behind the screen. The LED is an engineer that reads the glare effect and the vibrate color from every possible viewing angle.

In this LED by Samsung, there is a more comprehensive range of brightness and contrast due to the QUANTUM HDR 16X. As a result, you will enjoy a cinematic picture and strongly vivid colors. Standby consumption of the led is 0.5

 There are adjacent speakers on the top and the bottom of the LED, giving you a real sound experience. Meanwhile, Quantum Contactor is based on deep learning artificial intelligence, giving you a stunning 4K experience. It doesn’t matter if you want to change the channel, play your favorite movie, click the button and tell Alexa. Also, we have information about BEST Controller For Xbox Series X.

SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series Features

  • DIRECT FULL ARRAY 16X (75 inches, 65inches & 55inches)

Hisense 55-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV

Hisense 55-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV

The Hisense 55inches class H8 Quantum is one of the best TVs at a bargain price. In other words, the gamer who has limited resources but wants 4K UHD brightness Should go for the H8. Features-wise, this LED beats most of the rivals in the market. You will not overlook any kind of Lag and even a high refresh rate with your Xbox.

Likewise, this can unlock over a billion colors which are perfectly expressed. The Hisense H8G quantum series ULED TV comes with an incredible, super-bright 4k detailing. Since this is a smart TV android so that you can quickly access apps and movies websites.

Now you can convert your home into a multimedia entertainment powerhouse called Divas picture and atom Sound Technology. It will give you the feeling that sitting in a home theatre lets you experience Incredible audio and enhanced color.


A full array of the backlight offers a superior HDR experience up to 700 nit’s brightness and up to 70 local dimming zones. On the other hand, a gaming mode in the LED optimizes the input legging and provides your optimization and speed.

Hisense 55-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV Features

  • A billion colors perfectly expressed
  • Full array local dimming zones
  • Dolby Vision HDR picture
  • 700-nit’s peak brightness
  • up to 90 local dimming zones
  • Size-Measures 48.3 x 28.0 x 3.1 inches

TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED

TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED

TCL’s 5-Series QLED TV offers you a premium quality picture and endless entertainment. In other words, this LED will give a stellar mini-home theater experience. Quantum dot technology and HDR Pro pack together, along with the Dolby version, are matchless. There is a full palette of colors with richness, excellent brightness, and contrast.

Additionally, contrast control Technology optimizes the pictures. Even the LED will use the Single zone to output the groundbreaking contrast between the light and dark area.

TCL series 5 is based upon the machine learning algorithm that provides you and optimizes contrast and clarity. As a result, you will enjoy the 4K HDR Yield on the screen. Thanks to TCL for making our life easy and letting the user Voice command perform any action or streaming online movies and web series.

The d shall never forget the evening you. That is why they have included auto game mode. An auto mode in the LED optimizes the picture and reduces the response time so that you can enjoy unlimited gaming.

The remote of the LED is very simple. Half of its buttons are the numbers that give you the freedom to control your favorite Entertainment channel. Kebab comes with 802.11 2 AC dual-band Wi-Fi support.

TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Features

  • Superior 4K Ultra HD
  • Quantum dot technology
  • Product Size (43.9 x 11.6″ x 27.
  • Roku Smart TV Platform:
  • Auto Game Mode
  • Easy Voice Control
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • integrated cable management

Skyworth 42S3G Inch Premium 1080P HD LED

Skyworth 42S3G Inch Premium 1080P HD LED

Skyworth is basically a Chinese brand that was established in 1988. The head office of the company is found in Shenzhen High Tech Industrial Park. The Industrial Park is also famous as a Silicon Valley. For a very long time, Skyworth has been manufacturing LEDs on an international level and has 40,000 employees.

People who have a mid-range budget want a Premium quality LED without wasting time going for the Skyworth 42S3G. However, the LED has a Standard 1080p TV resolution, perfect for its cost. Also, the a53 quad-core processor of the LED Seamless performance in terms of both graphics and power.

Likewise, if you are worried about durability, think too much because The LED Comes with durable alloy. The Gilt color and sand-blasting make the S3G futuristic TV which means that you no longer need to buy a new TV for years.


Above all, the LED comes with a Built-in Chromecast. So you can show Contents from smartphones, tablets, and online on the big TV screen via Chromecast. While spending quality time with family, you can share the mobile data on the TV screen. To control the LED over voice commands, you need to download the Android TV app from the play store.

Skyworth 42S3G Inch Premium 1080P HD LED Features

  • premium 1080p HD LED Television
  •  Gilt color and Sand-blasting
  • Android TV with Google assistant
  •  A53 quad-core processor
  • Chromecast Built-in
  • chipset is packed with quicker loading time

Buyers Guide

Let’s begin with the basics and essential things: You want the TVs to look great with the consoles and perform well. No matter for which brand you go for while buying a TV, always do research and ensure the important aspects. Currently, there are plenty of manufacturers in the market. For saving just to save a few pennies, don’t go for the cheap models’ TV. Actually, the affordable models look like a great deal, but they are not worth buying in the long run.

Furthermore, if you have limited resources, don’t worry; you can go for last year’s model or factory refurbished one. Before buying, you should go through the following terminologies.

UHD or 4K

4K is referring to TV with the latest technology. And 4X times more number of the pixels or dots of light compared to your old-school HD TV has.

8K Screen Resolution

8K resolution TV has even had displays 4X times the number of pixels than 4K. In case you have a limited budget, you can ignore 8K TV. Usually, the 8K TVs are a bit costly.


The HDR a.k.a High Dynamic Range is the symbol that shows the TV you are picking is good. In other words, HDR technology is a TV that offers better contrast optimization: The brighter will be brighter, and the darker will be dark. Currently, there are three versions of the HDR: HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby. The new generation TV comes with either HDR10+ or Dolby vision support.


For the lighting, every TV has lights behind it. The full array of illumination in the back panel ensures edge-to-edge lights and a better experience. The entire array manages even the local dimming. That’s why when a movie scene comes with low lighting, your skin becomes darker.


A QLED is the latest technology in TV. It allows every on-screen pixel to light up and off itself. For the darker scene, the LEDs get off so that you can see better color and a brighter screen. Above is the most optimized technology, which often saves power.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the best TVs for Xbox series x and s?

  • LG OLED65CXPUA Alexa Built-in CX 65-inch 4K Smart OLED TV
  • SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series
  • Hisense 55-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV
  • TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED
  • Skyworth 42S3G Inch Premium 1080P HD LED

Does the Xbox series x and s work well on UHD 4K TV?

The Xbox series x and s is designed to provide output at 1440p up to 120Hz refresh rate. However, it can upscale a better image quality on the 4K TV.

Which one is the better QLED or OLED display for the Xbox?

Both of the technologies have their own pros and cons. OLED has a better viewing angle, power officiant, darker dark, and suitable for your health. On the other hand, QLED has paper on the top side and provides higher brightness, longer life, and affordability.

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