8 Best Tripod For Sony A6000 (Your Travel Partner) 2022

Best Tripod For Sony A6000

As a professional camera user, you will need various supportive devices according to the setup requirement. Of course, you can always use your sony a6000 camera without special assistance if you’re filming for a shorter time. But if you are rehearsing or filming for several hours, you might need to utilize a tripod stand. A premium and high-quality tripod can easily multiply the productivity of your cinematography. Added stability, supportive stand, height adjustments, and many other features are readily available in high-grade tripod stands. You can look at further details below as we unveil some of the best tripods for the sony a6000. 

Outdoor videography is easy and comfortable when you are using tripods. The main reason is that a tripod paired with a sony a6000 ensures great display quality. Regardless of what external factors are present during time-lapses or panoramic landscapes cinematography. An efficient and worthy tripod stand is always a beneficial accessory in your setup. Sometimes users desire their camera in some setting or placement where it requires a stand or support by itself. Hence, the tripod for Sony A6000 could easily provide such requirements to the camera users. 

Top Rated Best Tripod For Sony A6000:

In an ideal world, all supportive devices would be efficient and equal. But in reality, every tripod stand has varying qualities and features for users. So there’s a lot of confusion while deciding on the finalized selection of tripod stand for your sony a6000. But we are here to help and guide you through this dilemma. We have already gathered the highest quality tripod stand for you to choose from. 

Following are the best tripod for the sony a6000 camera:

  1. Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod For Sony A6000 
  2. Endura 66 Tripod For Sony A6000 
  3. Amazon Basics 50” Tripod For Sony A6000 
  4. MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Tripod For Sony A6000 
  5. JJC Mini Vlogging Tripod For Sony A6000 
  6. UBeesize 67” Tripod For Sony A6000 

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod For Sony A6000 

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod For Sony A6000

Independent movement of the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod For Sony A6000 provides excellent stability to the camera users. This tripod stand can be rotated by its head in any given direction. The three-way pan and tilt head of his tripod stand maintain flexibility and adjustability in the camera’s motion. Ultimately, the users achieve precise accuracy and unmatched stability of the frame. For proper and customized usage, you have to do effortless adjustments to your sony a6000 camera. 

Ergonomic levers are a crucial part of this Manfrotto Advanced Tripod For Sony A6000. There are two distinguished ergonomic levers to place the head of the tripod precisely following the camera. Each lever has its personalized function. The first lever is added to control the camera’s pan and tilt motion, while the other is designed to maintain level and stability. These levers make movement precise and accurate, maintaining an excellent frame for videos and images. For ease of use, these levers are manufactured to fold. It will ultimately maximize its comfort and portability during travel. 

The built design is a highlighted factor for the Compact Tripod For A6000. It is relatively easy to pack for travel during filming. The natural length of this tripod stand is sixty-five inches, but when folded, it measures only seventeen inches. Such a level of flexibility and adjustive is achieved due to the five-leg stand system of this tripod stand for sony a6000. There’s also a padded bag already provided with the tripod for more safety and reliability during traveling. The base of the Manfrotto tripod is really strong and efficient. You can easily pair microphones for Sony A7iii or A6000 with this tripod weighing up to six pounds. 

All of these features make the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod For Sony A6000 ideal for filming during traveling. The three-way motive head of the tripod ensures independent and customized movement of the camera. Users can adjust and mount the camera precisely using levers on the tripod stand. The foldable design and five-leg stand help add ease and comfort while carrying this stand for a sony a6000 camera. If you want a tripod with high portability while traveling, you should buy the Manfrotto Tripod For the Sony A6000 camera. 


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 3.1 Pounds
  • Weight Limit: 6.6 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 165 Centimeters
  • Tripod Head Type: Pan Heads
  • Folded Size: 17
  • Pros
  • Foldable design
  • Independent pan and tilt motion of the camera
  • Two levers for adjustability and movement  
  • Cons
  • The padded bag doesn’t feature a shoulder strap 

Endura 66 Tripod For Sony A6000 

Endura 66 Tripod For Sony A6000

The Endurax 66 Tripod For Sony A6000 is great for extended height. The featured maximum height of this tripod stand is measured to be sixty-six inches. Such an elongated and extended tripod will surely satisfy the specific shooting requirements of professional videographers. This tripod stand also comes with five-leg stand technology. The main purpose of featuring five-leg technology on the tripod stand is to maintain the adjustive nature of the tripod. Users can easily fold and carry these stands anywhere they want. The flip lock system of the tripod allows users to rapidly readjust the camera’s height under the object in the frame. 

The quick-release plate of the Endurax 66 Tripod For A6000 camera is a lifesaver in remote areas. Unfortunately, when visiting remote locations, you can’t carry a lot of supportive devices with you. Therefore, users must choose the most compact devices while traveling. Fortunately, this tripod features a quick-release plate. This allows camera users to replace sony lens a6000 cameras with other high-definition cameras swiftly. Moreover, you can also place various smartphone devices on this supportive stand. Premium aluminum tube used in the manufacturing of this tripod adds durability and lightweight effect. 

Weight hook and rubber feet are notable aspects of the 66 Tripod For A6000 camera. The main purpose of these rubber feet is to avoid slipping and instability of the camera tripod. In addition, the firm and steady stance of the sony a6000 camera ensures quality videos and photos for you. With these non-slippery rubber feet, there is a weight hook too. Users can easily locate this hook at the bottom of the tripod. These weight hooks can bear added weight to maintain more stability and a firm stance of the tripod stand. 

The Endurax 66 Tripod For Sony A6000 is great for stabilized videography. The flip lock system of the tripod allows users to maintain the proper height of the camera quickly. The fast mount release adds more compatibility and versatility to the tripod stand. You can also benefit from the rubber feet and weight hook to maintain extraordinary stability. The aluminum frame of this tripod for Sony maintains lightweight usage during cinematography. If you want a tripod specialized for unstable environments, you should purchase the 66 Tripod For A6000 camera. 


  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic
  • Item Weight: 3.3 Pounds
  • Weight Limit: 11 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 66 Inches
  • Tripod Head Type: Pan Heads
  • Minimum Height: 17.5 Inches
  • Leg Diameter: 26 Millimeters
  • Pros
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Quick release plate
  • Flip lock technology 
  • Cons
  • The mounting screw is a bit difficult to adjust 

Amazon Basics 50” Tripod For Sony A6000 

Amazon Basics 50” Tripod For Sony A6000

Affordable and stylish Amazon Basics 50” Tripod For Sony A6000 is quickly becoming a favorite of users worldwide. With high grade built, the design of this tripod is visually stunning. Very few tripods stand with such a highly affordable price yet luxurious design. It is a clear disclaimer that doesn’t underestimate this support stand by looking at its purchase price. All the qualities and features of the 50” tripod are comparable to expensive and well-known tripod stands. 

Most tripod users have difficulty traveling with heavy and bulky support stands. Contradictory to popular belief, this Amazon 50” Tripod For Sony A6000 is lightweight and easy to carry. This tripod weighs only 1.25 pounds which is considered ideal weightage for heavy lens for car photography and cinematic videography at high peak hill stations. It’s only 1.25 pounds so imagine how easy it will be to carry this thing while hiking or traveling. Users can easily fold this tripod into a sixteen inches compact stand which fits into your bag. 

The three-leg section is the highlighted feature of the Amazon Basics 50” Tripod For Sony A6000. Sony a600 and other high-quality cameras are sometimes placed at eye level during filming. This amazon tripod can hold such cameras to the desired height much longer. In addition, this three-leg section reduces moving components in the tripod. Ultimately, there are fewer moveable components and a more steady stance of the tripod stand. The camera user can readjust all of these leg sections individually. 

Summarizing the passages, the Amazon Basics 50” Tripod For Sony A6000 is highly efficient for professional videography. The stylish and artistic built design of the tripod stand truly separates it from all other devices on the market. It is supremely lightweight and easy to carry around, weighing only 1.25 pounds. The foldable design allows easy adjustability in the bag. Three-leg section technology of the support stand allows a more steady stance for the camera. You should use the Basics 50” Tripod For an A6000 camera if you want a tripod for professional cinematography. 


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 1.25 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 127 Centimeters
  • Minimum Height: 42 Centimeters
  • Number of leg sections: 3
  • Pros
  • Stylish and durable design 
  • Highly compact and lightweight 
  • Three leg section 
  • Cons
  • Full extension of the tripod might cause less stability. 

MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Tripod For Sony A6000 

MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Tripod For Sony A6000

You can easily position the sony a6000 camera using the MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Tripod For Sony A6000. It comes with a Q series ball head for better positioning on the camera. It is precise and highly efficient in the movement to provide better visuals for cinematography. This GlobeTrotter stand features 360 degrees of pan movement, unlike most tripod stands. This will provide precise and professional panorama shots during filming. In addition, the integral bubble level of the support stand avoids any unwanted movements of the camera. 

This GlobeTrotter Tripod For Sony A6000 can easily be converted into a monopod tripod stand. It is very distinguished and significant in a manner that users can convert these sixty-four inches stand into a monopod. You can swiftly change this tripod into a monopod when required by screwing its central column and leg section. It isn’t time-consuming, and even new camera users can do it rather easily. The central column can also be separated whenever you need extra height for filming. 

A notable feature of the tripod is its foam grip for videography. It is created from extreme temperature-resistant foam to prevent freezing or overheating. The twist lock legs of the MeFOTO Tripod For the A6000 camera make the whole setup easier to attach and detach. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can easily stand this tripod to capture natural filming scenes. Flexibility in the legs causes easy inversion of stand during difficult hiking and mountain climbing. Users can easily turn the legs inverted up to 180 degrees to use with cine lens for sony a7iii and sonya6000 cameras. 

Overall, the MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Tripod For Sony A6000 is well designed for extra movement in the camera. New camera users can practice great panorama frames by utilizing the full circle pan movement. You can screw the legs of the tripod to converge this tripod into a monopod stand in seconds. The tripod stand’s reliable and strong foam grip enables easy stability and performance in extreme weather conditions. If you want a tripod stand with added movement and flexibility, you should consider buying the MeFOTO Tripod For the Sony camera.


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Item Weight: 3.7 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 163 Centimeters
  • Tripod Head Type: Ball Heads
  • Minimum Height: 41 Centimeters
  • Number of leg sections: 5
  • Pros
  • Durable foam grip 
  • 180-degree inverse folding 
  • Monopod conversation 
  • Cons
  • It might be a bit expensive for some users 

JJC Mini Vlogging Tripod For Sony A6000 

JJC Mini Vlogging Tripod For Sony A6000

Here’s the JJC Mini Vlogging Tripod For Sony A6000 for easy and compact traveling. If you are a vlogger or social media content creator, you have gazed at an ideal supportive stand for your camera. It is manufactured with high-grade stainless steel. Such efficient and durable building material makes it perfect for outdoor use. Moreover, you can easily convert this JJC tripod into a monopod by folding its leg section. Hence, making it great for indoor and household use is simultaneously friendly. 

Perfect angles during videography are provided due to the ball head. As a professional camera user, you can turn your sony a6000 camera in any direction you desire. This means you can rotate the camera on the JJC Vlogging Tripod For Sony to 360 degrees. The camera is initially locked in its position, but you can always release it with a single tap. Arca-you updates the fast release of the camera and can lock and release its position with only one click as it features an Arca-Swiss compatible quick release.

The highlighted feature of the tripod stand is its lightweight build and great compatibility. This JJC Mini Tripod for Sony A6000 weighed only 0.21 pounds. It’s unimaginably lightweight for a powerful tripod stand. Despite being only 0.21 pounds, you can mount up to one-kilogram weight on this support stand. Ultimately such a lightweight built and efficient payload makes it an expert’s recommendation for camping and traveling forests. Moreover, you can connect various cameras with specialized travel lens and lens for astrophotography.

So, these features let professional camera users trust this JJC Mini Vlogging Tripod For Sony A6000 for videography. Stainless steel built makes it super strong and durable during usage outdoors. The ultra-lightweight design makes it ideal for carrying everywhere without an issue. Quick lock technology ensures the camera’s easy and rapid release once used. If you want a camera stand for social media content and vlogging, you should consider purchasing the JJC Mini Vlogging Tripod For Sony. 


  • Color: Black
  • Compatible Devices: Camera
  • Material: ABS, Aluminum, Rubber
  • Item Weight: 0.21 Pounds
  • Weight Limit: 2.2 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 28 Centimeters
  • Pros
  • Smooth head ball 
  • Stainless steel built 
  • Super lightweight 
  • Cons
  • It can be a bit unstable in extreme winds 

UBeesize 67” Tripod For Sony A6000 

UBeesize 67” Tripod For Sony A6000

The UBeesize 67” Tripod For Sony A6000 adapts according to the users’ requirements. Users can easily expand or collapse the support stand as per their desires. It takes seconds to expand this camera tripod to sixty-seven inches and then collapse it back to twenty inches. These adaptive and compact features are not very common. This tripod fully adapts to a range of different user heights, collapsing to the tabletop height of 20.1 inches and expanding to 67.3 inches in only a few seconds. It enables you to compose your photos more creatively than ever before.

Camera users can frame multiple shooting angles due to the versatile mechanism. This versatile 67” Tripod For Sony camera mechanism allows users to provide high and low-angle shots, portrait mode and landscape mode shots. All of these versatile cinematic shots add to the performance of the Sony lens a6000 camera. This tripod stand also provides high compatibility with most smartphones in the market. The phone holder of this support stand can extend from 2 inches to 4.5 inches, making it very compact for advanced mobile phones. 

Wireless remote and material quality are highlighted features of the UBeesize Tripod For A6000 camera. The wireless remote can be connected to your smartphone to capture videos and images. The smartphone access of the tripod enables users to control their camera from almost ten meters away. The aluminum alloy with ABS resin allows great performance and distinguishes style. Professional camera users can connect most high-quality cameras into their versatile and compact style. 

The UBeesize 67” Tripod For Sony A6000 is a better option for the users’ personalized requirements. Unlike other tripod stands, the movement of the support stand enables adaptive changes according to your desire. Multiple shooting angles of the tripod stand allow users to easily switch between portraits, landscapes, and low and high-angle shots. In addition, camera users can connect mobile phone wireless connections with the Ubeesize tripod stand. If you want a support stand with better adjustability, you should consider utilizing the 67” Tripod For A6000 camera. 


  • Color: Black
  • Brand: UBeesize
  • Compatible Devices: Camera, iPhone, Android
  • Item Weight: 3.72 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 5.5 Kilograms
  • Pros
  • Stylish design 
  • Durable aluminum alloy 
  • Easy to use 
  • Cons
  • It’s not ideal for heavy devices 

Buyers Guide Of Tripod For Sony A6000:

When choosing a tripod stand specialty for high-quality video cameras, you should research well. There are well-established features that you are required to consider in your head to make correct and beneficial purchases. Unfortunately, most buyers fail to make a useful and productive purchase because they confuse analyzing and classifying tripod stands. We understand your issue and thus provided key features for you to destress and comfort your decision-making. These componential features help you understand better. 

Following are some of the most significant features to look for in a tripod for sony a6000:

Mount Compatibility:

If the tripod stand is not compatible and adjustable with your camera, what’s the reason to buy such support stands? For example, your tripod might have a pan, ball, or three-way head mounting option. First, compare your camera specifications and the featured tripod stand. This will better understand the compatibility of such a support stand with a camera. 

Maximum Payload:

The maximum payload of the tripod should also be considered while selecting the best tripod for the sony a6000 camera. But payload doesn’t only mean measuring the actual weight of the tripod. The maximum payload is the weight-bearing capability of the device. It doesn’t directly depend upon the actual weightage of the support stand. So, I always prefer the more efficient payload capability of the tripod for productive usage. 

Height Adjustability:

Most camera users neglect height adjustability, which is essential for better performance. Fixing tripod height is not the best option in many situations. Users constantly need to adjust the height of the camera accordingly. Most high-quality tripod stands usually feature great adjustability for professional camera users. Hence, height adjustability is an essential feature to look in a tripod for a sony a6000 camera. 

Construct Material:

The material used in building the tripod’s leg section or connective section plays an important role while filming in extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, some new users of the sony a6000 camera buy low-grade tripods and regret their purchase afterward. So, you should stay smart and choose durable, flexible, and reliable tripod stands. We suggest preferring stainless steel or aluminum leg section tripods with slip-free grip. 


While considering all of the qualitative features of the tripod stands, you shouldn’t forget about the price. Most high-quality tripods are rather expensive and exceed the budget of an average camera user. While cheap tripods are easy to buy, they are not efficient and reliable. There’s a sweet spot between the quality and budget of the buyer. So, consider your budget and look for the best tripods in that price range. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Tripod For Sony A6000:

What are some qualities of the best tripod for the sony a6000 camera?

Generally, experts suggest that the best tripod for a sony a6000 camera should have a lot of features; this includes lightweight construct, adjustability, compatibility, and reliability, among many other features. Shortly, the tripod, which works well with your sony a6000 camera, is the best. 

Should a beginner invest in a tripod for a sony a6000 camera?

If you take your passion for videography or photography seriously, it’s crucial to use a tripod stand with it. It supports your camera and makes the filming process way more comfortable, productive, and fun than usual. 

Can you explain the relationship between the tripod and the camera?

There is a strong correlation between a tripod stand and a high-definition camera like the sony a6000, etc.; tripod support stabilizes premises and increases the camera’s performance. It serves as a backbone during filming for the camera. Moreover, users can multitask in cinematography while using the tripod stand. 

Why are tripods always considered a liability by new camera users?

A new camera user doesn’t realize the importance of using a tripod stand with your camera. But professional cinematographers and experts usually suggest using a support stand with high-quality cameras. It provides added stability and performance to the picture quality of the camera. 

Which are more preferred: tripods or selfie sticks?

It’s a general notion that selfie sticks look more advanced. But professional camera experts suggest using a tripod stand with video cameras. Tripod stands are more stable, efficient, and precise than regular selfie sticks. 


Sometimes, tripod stands are not the first option for camera users. But sometimes, height adjustability and setup requirements demand a high-quality tripod for your camera. We had attempted our best effort to ease and comfort you while purchasing the support stand for your sony a6000 camera. The best tripod for the Sony a6000 is recognized for the various features mentioned earlier. Buy any tripod enlisted, and you will surely be satisfied. Then, consult actual experts for more detailed guidance and specifications. Thanks for reading. 

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