Best Thermal Paste For CPU 2022

If you are a gamer, then you must know the importance of temperature in computer. However, the reason behind this is that it is necessary to keep them cool for the longevity of the CPU and GPU. There are plenty of stock CPU coolers available in the market, but they don’t provide the proper cooling performance. That is why most gaming enthusiasts prefer to have the aftermarket cooler. I know what you are thinking right now that the problem ends, but you are wrong. The thermal paste that usually comes with the cooler is not good. Therefore if you need the best thermal paste for the CPU, you are in the right spot.

Best Thermal Paste For CPU

Moreover, if you don’t hear the word thermal paste before then, you don’t have to worry. Actually, thermal paste is a conductive compound that we apply between CPU and cooler heat sink. This paste aims to fill the air gaps and enhance heat transformation In between the cooler and IC. Thus, if you are a true gaming enthusiast who is looking to improve the thermal performance of your GPU and CPU, we recommend you utilize the high-quality thermos space. Most of the people made this mistake that they use the cheap. Quality thermal paste as a result which should increase the lifespan, actually damage the CPU.

Top Rated Thermal Paste For The CPU

In the market you will find plenty of thermal paste for CPU. So don’t get confused or panic.  to make things easier for you here is the list of the best thermal paste for the CPU.

  1. Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste
  2. ARCTIC MX-4 (4 Grams) – Thermal Compound Paste
  3. StarTech 1.5g Metal OxIDE Thermal CPU Paste Compound Tube
  4. Thermaltake TG-7 Extreme Performance CPU Thermal Grease

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste

For a very long time, Corsair is making the best gaming accessories on the market. They manufacture a keyboard, mouse,  CPU case,  power supply cables, cooler, and much more. It is not difficult to think that the company also makes thermal paste.  However, the thing that should surprise you is that only a few people know that the company makes a thermal paste.

Actually, the XTM50 by Corsair is a premium quality, and zinc oxide paste thermal compound. It allows you to conveniently fill the microscopic level channels and abrasions for extreme thermal transformation. It may not be the most expensive thermal paste, but it gives really tough competition to many well-known brands.

The popularity of crosshair thermal paste is the reliable, high-quality E and budget-friendly zinc oxide base ceramic Greece. It is not like you apply the paste and apply it again after a few days.  The stickiness of the paste is so incredible that you will forget about it for years once your flight.

 When it comes to the thermal impedance, the paste does a really amazing job and effectively keeps the CPU temperature lower. Lastly, if we talk about the lifespan, the Corsair XTM50 e will last for years without drying, cracking, or even changing in the state.


  • Premium Zinc Oxide based thermal compound
  • Ultra-low thermal impedance
  • Installation Made Easy
  • high-stability liquid compound

ARCTIC MX-4 (4 Grams) – Thermal Compound Paste

ARCTIC MX-4 (4 Grams)

The Arctic MX-4 is indeed one of the most sought-after carbon-based thermal paste available. Mostly,  the carbon-based paste does not come for such a price bracket. But ARCTIC changed the way of thinking of the people and set a new trend to get thermal paste in an affordable price budget.

The company believes that to succeed in driving, you need to update the products constantly, and the last addition is always better than the predecessor. Both packaging and updated formulas of cream make sure that the paste stays in every atmosphere. In Other Words, the new carbon based microparticles compound can fight against the extreme level of Thermal conductivity.

Moreover, the new compound inside the paste ensures high thermal conductivity. So you can easily push your both GPU and CPU above their limit. Above all, the MX-4 heat compound is devoid of non-conductive and meant material. The company claims there are mx4 Villas for at least eight years and prevent any short circuit under high temperature.


  • Excellent temperature reduction performance
  • Eliminates any risks of causing short circuit
  • Metal-free and non-electrical conductive
  • Not compromise or cracked over time

StarTech 1.5g Metal OxIDE Thermal CPU Paste Compound Tube

StarTech 1.5g Metal OxIDE CPU Compound Tube

StarTech metal oxide thermal paste is a budget-friendly option for the gaming enthusiast looking for affordable thermal paste.  At first glance, it will look like the quantity of the paste is very small. In other words, everything this way that this small 1.5 grams of the side thermal paste may look small but enough to keep your PC thermal performance best for years. It is not wrong to say that this paste is a value for money product.

While our testing, we have to find out that this term of place will leave something that the CPU requires or lacks performance. You will yourself going to feel the difference before and after applying the paste. This paste is really beneficial for the longevity and the beauty of your rig. 

Moreover, StarTech thermal paste adds extraordinary value to your CPU.  Consider the end once you utilize the thermal paste over the sea film, for it will expire. You will save a large amount of money because it automatically includes the lifespan of your system. We have also information about Cpu Fans.


  • metal oxide compound
  • Optimal heat transfer
  • Heat Sink Paste
  • Reseal-able syringe applicator

Thermaltake TG-7 Extreme Performance CPU Thermal Grease

Thermaltake TG-7 Extreme Performance CPU Thermal Grease

 If you ever notice when it comes to the concern of gaming enthusiasts, the Thermaltake is very active. So how do you think that the list of the best number for CPU is completed without the TG-7 thermal grease for the higher and CPU performance? Which of these is very reliable and durable so apply it once and forget for their years.

Yes, of course, Paste does an excellent job. Before recommending something to a person, we prefer to test it first. And during our test, we have found out of the box when it comes to performing the best. The Paste also comes at a very affordable price. Therefore even if you have a tight budget, you are going to see a lot of money.

Moreover, we think that Thermaltake paste compounds are the best. It is not like the cheap glitches available in the market, which you have to apply after every two weeks. Since it’s Diamond Power Technology thermal grease, it is obvious that the Paste benefits itself compared to the predecessor or rivals.


  • Designed for Exceptional Performance
  • Diamond powder technology for improved thermal conductivity
  • Longer lifespan compared to standard silicon-based compounds
  • Easy to application
  • 1 Year  official Warranty

Buyers Guide

We understand that it is quite challenging for a newbie to find the right affairs for your CPU.  Therefore in that regard, we will discuss your respects and have to ensure whenever you find thermal paste.


 The application of thermal paste varies from brand to brand.  For instance, some pastes are easy to apply, while others add danger. However, if you are an experienced hardware specialist, then applying for the place would be a piece of cake for you. Whenever you are buying automobiles, you always need to make sure of the paste viscosity.  The benefit of learning Abacus costly will help you to prevent squeezing.

Quantity of thermal Paste

The quantity of the thermal paste is very important. Think this way that you are applying up to The CPU, and suddenly the tube gets ended, so what are you going to do now? The answer is that your effort will be lost. On the other hand, if you ensure the quantity of the tube, then you are never going to face any issue. For a regular home user, 12 is enough for one PC; however, if you are a professional, then you can purchase a big bottle of terminal paste.


Most people make the common mistake that they don’t look for the lifespan of thermal paste. Just like any other regular thing, the thermal paste comes in both qualities, the cheap one and the premium one.  The major difference between these two types is that one is long-lasting and the other is not. Applying a premium quality thermal paste means that you will at least get about doing this for eight years.


Prices are a factor which decides whether we are going to buy a product or not. Jaipur tourists watch price factories, cheaper ones, and expensive watches. It is not a universal truth that an expensive product without a better or premium product is always better. However, this product is expensive because it has high-quality compounds or a cheaper product that people are not very much familiar with.

 Frequently Asked Question

 What Is The Best Thermal Paste For The CPU?

  • Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste
  • ARCTIC MX-4 (4 Grams) – Thermal Compound Paste
  • StarTech 1.5g Metal OxIDE Thermal CPU Paste Compound Tube
  • Thermaltake TG-7 Extreme Performance CPU Thermal Grease

Is There Any Difference Between Thermal Paste And Grease?

There is no difference between the thermal paste and the great both of them are names of one thing. Hyper thermal adhesives are different because they are usually made of conductive glue that needs to be stuck between the CPU and GPU.

Why Is It Important To Have Thermal Paste Between CPU And GPU?

Most people ignored this, but the thermal paste is necessary to increase the lifespan of your CPU. Similarly, it improves the airflow and lifespan of the CPU. On the other hand, if you don’t have a thermal compound between your CPU and GPU, the air fills the space between the poor conductor and thermal transformation.

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