Best PS5 Headphones For Girls 2022 (Somic, Stereo, Diwuer)

PS5 headphones are not just for boys. Girls need them too! It is no secret that girls love their headphones. Whether they are using them to listen to music, watch movies, or play games, headphones are an essential part of any girl’s life. But with so many different brands and styles out there, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for her. That’s why in this article, we will help you pick the Best PS5 Headphones For Girls.

What Are Reasons Girls Need PS5 Headphones?

  1. First and foremost, they block out noise so you can concentrate on your game. If you’re trying to sneak up on an enemy in an FPS, the last thing you want is for your parents or little sister to make a bunch of noise and give away your position.
  2. Secondly, they provide an immersive experience that lets you really get into the game. You can hear every footstep, every gunshot, and every explosion. And when you’re playing a VR game, it’s important to have headphones so you can block out the real world and be fully immersed in the game.
  3. Finally, they just look cool! Whether you’re rocking the white PS5 headset or one of the many colorful options from third-party manufacturers, a good set of headphones can help you look like a pro.

In short, don’t think that PS5 headphones are just for boys – girls need them too!

Top-rated PS5 Headphones for Girls

If you are a girl who loves music, then this article will be very helpful to you. There are many people out there who love listening to music, but what they don’t know is how much damage can occur if the headphones aren’t good enough. This is why we have decided to create a list of the best PS5 Headphones For Girls. If you want to listen to high-quality music, these are the headphones for you.

  1. SOMIC G951S Headphones With Mic for Girls
  2. Be excellent Gaming Girl’s Headphones with Mic
  3. DIWUER Gaming Headset for PS5 with Mic
  4. BlueFire PS5 Gaming Headset for Girls with Mic
  5. The BlueFire Professional Headphone with Mic for Girls
  6. BlueFire Professional Girl’s Stereo Gaming Headset
  7. Jeecoo V20-BK Headphones With Mic

SOMIC G951S Headphones With Mic for Girls

Top-rated PS5 headphones for girls

SOMIC G951S Headphones With Mic for Girls is one of the most demanding headphones of all time. It has a 5MM plug that tends to be compatible with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, computers, laptops, iPad, and iPhones. Further, the headphones include an omnidirectional microphone with 360° flexible bending and are sensitive to pick up the sound.

This extraordinary headphone can produce rich sound quality, vivid sound field, high sound clarity, and sound shock. On the other hand, It is built with high-quality components, which makes it more durable and solid.

Additionally, You will find G951S comfortable to wear. The headphone has soft padded ear cushions on both sides, assuring you of comfortable long gaming hours. Besides, this headphone is super cute and attractive.

The G951S headphone has built-in 40 mm, high-fidelity speakers with an outstanding passive noise-reduction feature that brings less interference and allows you to enjoy your game without any disturbance.

There’s another wonderful feature that you girls will prefer, and that is the purple outlook and detachable cat ear shape of the headset. Meanwhile, The vibrant color and the detachable cat ear make it more attractive and appealing to the girls.

SOMIC G951S Headphones With Mic for Girls Features

  • Drives: ”40mm.”
  • Wired / Wireless: “Wired”
  • Sound Quality: “Stereo Sound”
  • Microphone: “Omnidirectional & 360°Flexible”
  • Controller: “In-Line”
  • Audio Jack: “3.5mm.”
  • Compatibility: “Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Computer, Laptop, iPad, iPhone.”
  • Includes: “splitter.”
  • Product Dimensions: “10.39 x 8.5 x 4.41 inches”
  • Item Weight: “1.1 pounds.”
  • Pros
  • Unique Design
  • Comfortable
  • Strong Sound
  • Suitable for Gaming
  • Cons
  • No RGB LED

Beexcellent Gaming Girl’s Headphones with Mic

Top-rated PS5 headphones for girls

Beexcellent Gaming Girl’s Headphones are one of the best options for PS5. The headphone is a great combo of wonderful performance and affordable price.

Besides, This headset is well constructed and designed to provide amazing audio. Meanwhile, The microphone provides you with noise-free communication. It delivers crystal clear sound to your fellow players.

The headphone has crystal clear sound operating strong brass along with a splendid ambient noise isolation feature, which is remarkable. Besides, it is solid and sturdy.

Moreover, It has high precision 50mm magnetic neodymium driver and acoustic positioning precision that enhances the speaker unit’s sensitivity and allows you to experience vivid sound field, sound clarity, and shock-feeling sound.

You can play extra hours with this headset because it is lightweight and super comfortable. The delicate adaptive padding with a bionic protein pad coat guarantees the headset to remain on your head without a trace of exhaustion to provide you a very relaxing experience.

Beexcellent Gaming Girl’s Headphones with Mic Features

  • Model: “Xbox one Gaming headphones.”
  • Speaker diameter: “50mm.”
  • Type: “Over-the-ear”
  • Impedance: “16±15%Ω.”
  • Sensitivity: “105±3Db.”
  • Frequency response: “20HZ-20KHZ.”
  • Mic: “6.0×2.7MM.”
  • Sensitivity: “38±3Db.”
  • Mic Impedance: “2.2KΩ.”
  • Directivity: “All Directivity”
  • Cable Length:“ 2.1±0.15M.”
  • LED operating cottage: “DC5V±5%.”
  • Operating current: “≤100mA.”
  • Headphone Interface: “USB±3.5mm4pin”
  • Item weight: “385g / 13.4oz”
  • Pros
  • Clear Sound
  • Strong Base
  • Noise Isolation
  • Reduced External Resistance
  • Skin Friendly Material
  • Cons
  • Few People Faced Compatibility Problems with Windows 10

DIWUER Gaming Headset for PS5 with Mic

Top-rated PS5 headphones for girls

DIWUER Gaming headset is awe-inspiring. It is created of top-notch quality, which makes it more sturdy and strong. Plus, this earphone is overly adorable and appealing.

Also, to have an updated gaming experience, this earphone is ideal for you. There’s nothing in a way that is better than this headset, which has top-notch execution.

The DIWUER Gaming earphone ends up being viable with the PS5 because it has simple features. This remarkable headset can create rich sound quality, clear, stable field, and high stable clearness.

The earphone has delicate cushioned ear pads on the two sides, which guarantees you agreeable long gaming hours. You will like it’s agreeable to wear.

Further, It has built-in high-quality 40mm neodymium driver speakers and the latest high precision chips. Moreover, the fully closed design earmuffs provide isolation from noise. The noise reduction features allow you to enjoy a 3D loud explosion and footsteps in gaming.

DIWUER Gaming Headset for PS5 with Mic Features

  • Audio Connector: “3.5 mm.”
  • Driver:“40mm neodymium driver.”
  • Mic Flexibility: “180°random rotation.”
  • Product Dimensions:“3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches”
  • Item Weight: “1.1 pounds.”
  • Platform: “PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch”
  • Pros
  • Multiple Platform Compatibility
  • Beautiful Pink Color
  • 180° Rotation
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
  • Slightly Pooping Noise at Full Volume

BlueFire PS5 Gaming Headset for Girls with Mic


This headset is very much developed and intended to give stunning sound. The amplifier gives you commotion free correspondence. The fragile versatile cushioning ensures the headset stays on your head without any weariness to give you an extremely loosening up experience.

The earphone has excellent and strong bass alongside mind-blowing encompassing commotion confinement highlight, which is amazing.

Also, it is durable and solid. You can play for longer periods with this headset since it is lightweight and too agreeable. It conveys clear and stable audio to your friends and other players.

This headset has a high precision 40 mm driver that brings you vivid sound field and sound clarity. Moreover, it has a splendid ambient noise isolation feature that uses advanced active noise reduction technology to quell airplane cabin noise, city traffic, or a busy office. This way, you can focus more on your music, movies, videos, and games.

The headphone is 6.8 feet, which are perfect for gamers. You don’t need to sit right in front of the screen because it has a long cord that allows for much more movement.

Besides, it has a small controller on the cord that allows you to turn the mic on and off and increase and decrease the volume with ease. Thisis compatible with PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Desktop Computer, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, and Cell Phone.

BlueFire PS5 Gaming Headset for Girls with Mic Features

  • Headphone Weight: “250g.”
  • Headphone Size: “Approx.85*225*200mm.”
  • Driver Diameter: “40mm.”
  • Impedance: “32Ω±15%.”
  • Sensitivity: “115dB ± 3dB at 1KHz”
  • Frequency Range: “20Hz-20KHz.”
  • Mic Dimension: “6.0 * 2.7mm”
  • Mic Sensitivity:“ -38dB ± 3dB”
  • Directivity: “All directional”
  • Cable Length: “Approx. 2.1M±0.15M”
  • Mic Impedance: “2.2kΩ.”
  • Working Current: “Below, 100mA.”
  • Headset Interface: “3.5mm.”
  • Pros
  • Vivid Sound Field
  • Comfortable For Long Hours
  • Super Soft Ear Pads
  • Smooth Mic
  • Volume Control
  • Cons
  • USB On The Headphones Is Just For Lightning

The BlueFire Professional Headphone with Mic for Girls


This is another product from Bluefire. This headset is super compatible and allows you to play for a longer time. Moreover, the headphone is highly recommended because it is sturdy and well constructed.

You will indeed possess the best experience with these incredible headsets. The headset is lightweight and compact, which makes it portable and super easy to carry along.

The headphone’s earpads are relaxing and soft that assures you of a better and comfortable gaming experience. Moreover, the headphone is available in vibrant bright colors, making it even more glamorous and desirable.

The headphone is widely compatible and versatile. It can be connected to PS 4 and 5, Smart Phone, PC, iMac, Laptop, Tablet, PSP, and New Xbox one.

Besides, it supports a high precision magnetic driver that provides surround sound and makes you feel awesome when you are playing games.

The headset has padding on the top and around the ears, making it an adequate alternative for long hours of play because it doesn’t feel hefty on the ears.

 BlueFire Professional Headphone with Mic for Girls Features

  • Driver Diameter: “40mm”
  • Impedance: “32Ohm”
  • Sensitivity: “105dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz”
  • Frequency range: “15Hz-20KHz”
  • Dimension: “6.0 * 5.0mm”
  • Sensitivity: “-38dB +/- 3dB”
  • Mic impedance: “2.2kohm”
  • Directivity: “All directional”
  • Cable length: “Approx. 2.1Meter LED”
  • working voltage: “DC5V +/- 5%”
  • Working current: “Below 100mA“
  • Headset interface:“3.5mm(4pin) + USB (USB for LED light)”
  • Pros
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Precise Magnetic Driver
  • Soft Cords
  • Smooth Mic
  • Cons
  • Quiet Bulky

BlueFire Professional Girl’s Stereo Gaming Headset


You will be satisfied with the sturdiness and similarity of this splendid headset. The headset is enduring and has incredibly strong development.

You can use it for a few different purposes other than gaming.

The cushioned earpads give you the happiest gaming experience that should not be taken lightly.

Moreover, this stunning earphone is very much assembled and capacities appropriately. This Professional Girl’s Stereo Gaming Headset has endorsed the preliminary for the best earphones as needs are.

This mind-boggling earphone can be an ideal present for your loved ones. Moreover, it is lightweight and conservative, which makes it simple to haul around.

You will worship the headset and its dynamic tone. The earphone is very comfortable and remains over the head regardless of how long you play. The ear covers utilized in the earphone are made of skin-accommodating calfskin material and are too delicate.

 BlueFire Professional Girl’s Stereo Gaming Headset Features

  • Driver Diameter:“ 50mm.”
  • Impedance: “16Ω±15%. “
  • Sensitivity: “108dB ± 3dB at 1KHz”
  • Frequency range: “15Hz-20KHz.”
  • Dimension:“ 6.0 * 2.7mm ”
  • Sensitivity: “-38dB +/- 3dB”
  • Mic impedance: “2.2kohm.”
  • Directivity:“ All directional”
  • Cable length: “Approx. 2.1Meter”
  • LED working voltage: “DC5V +/- 5%”
  • Working current: “Below, 100mA.”
  • Headset interface: “3.5mm(4pin) + USB (USB for LED light)”
  • Headphone size: “Approx. 225*225*110mm/ 8.9*8.9*4.3in ”
  • Headphone weight:“ 400g / 14.1oz“
  • Pros
  • Enormously Durable
  • Crunchy And High-Quality Audio
  • Easy To Use
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Cons
  • Little Bit Tangled With Glasses

Jeecoo V20-BK  Headphones With Mic

Jeecoo-V20-BK -Headphones-With-Mic

You will undoubtedly have the best involvement in these mind-boggling headsets. Additionally, the earphone is accessible in a lively, brilliant shading, making it considerably more charming and attractive.

The headphones have high power 50mm neodymium magnets drivers that are tuned by professional acoustic engineers. It provides a wide frequency range and rich, accurate sound so that you can hear the most sound outcomes and details to improve the fascination.

The headset is lightweight and reduced, which makes it convenient and very simple to convey along. The earphone’s earpads are unwinding and delicate, which guarantees you a superior and open gaming experience.

Jeecoo V20-BK  Headphones With Mic is overly viable and permits you to play for a more drawn out time. Besides, the earphone is strongly suggested because it is durable and all around built. This earphone is broadly viable and flexible.

Moreover, the headsets have an incredible microphone that produces a 100-degree range of motion and is easy to reach and retract. Besides, the upgraded technology has been built to promote noise cancellation features for better audio so that you can have a clear chat with others.

Jeecoo V20-BK  Headphones With Mic Features

  • Speaker diameter: “ø50mm.”
  • Sensitivity: “100±3dB.”
  • Impedance:“ 32Ω.”
  • Frequency range: “20~20KHz.”
  • Mic dimension: “ø6.0×2.7mm.”
  • Mic sensitivity: “-38±3dB.”
  • LED working voltage: “1.8~3.4V.”
  • Mic impedance: “2.2KΩ.”
  • Cable length: “160cm/5.2ft”
  • Product Dimensions:“7.5 x 3.6 x 7.1 inches”
  • Item Weight: “9.6 ounces.”
  • Pros
  • Comfortable Fitting
  • Solid Built Quality
  • In-Line Control
  • Perfect for Gaming
  • Multi-Platform Combability
  • Cons
  • Comparatively, Less Noise Cancellation

Things to consider before purchasing headphones for Ps5

When you have no idea of what variables to search for when buying a thing, you have less data about it. Additionally, remembering a similar situation, we have given a guide cry that may help you find the best earphones you are searching for.

Sound Quality

The sound nature of the earphones matters more than different things. If you like listening to music with clear and noisy sound quality, at that point, you need to check the sound nature of the earphones before buying. The earphones with bigger ear cushions have better stable quality.


You ought to never disregard the size of the item you are buying. The majority of the quality earphones accompany head cushions, which may cause an issue with the size. Thusly, before buying on the web, you have to check the item’s size outline to forestall future inconvenience.


The compactness of the earphone is another significant factor. Ensure you check the weight and convenience highlights of the earphone. The greater part of the earphones are bendable and are anything but difficult to convey. Ensure you don’t buy a substantial, awkward headset.

Frequently Asked Question

What headsets will work for Ps5?

According to the sufficient available data, any headset that connects through a USB port or audio jack will work on PS5.

Does the Ps5 headphone have a mic?

Gamers prefer the Ps5 headphone due to the high-quality sound. Most of the headsets include a microphone, which is best for online games and communication.

Which Ps5 Headphones are the Best For Girls?

  • SOMIC G951S Headphones With Mic for Girls
  • Be Excellent Gaming Girl’s Headphones
  • DIWUER Gaming Headset for PS5 with Mic
  • BlueFire PS5 Gaming Headset for Girls
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