10 Best NFT Creator App For iOS and Android In 2022

Best NFT Creator App

You might have already heard about NFTs on the internet and social media when many famous influencers and artists bought them. Some even collaborated with well-known creators to launch their personalized form of NFT. It has become an important emerging industry and has already sold hundreds of millions worth of these tokens to the masses using certain marketing strategies and the influence of their collaborators.

In a very short time, NFTs have globally influenced cryptocurrency and the digital market internationally. NFT is an abbreviation that is abbreviated as Non Fungible Tokens. These are the exchange of ownership and copyrights of a digital art form while exchangeable wealth is used in the process. Still, the product itself is not exchangeable into any form of currency.

NFTs are not interchangeable with liquid cash or other forms of wealth possessions. The existence of these tokens, however, is mainly in the form of blockchain. The main difference between NFT and other forms of cyber currencies and wealth possessions such as crypto-currencies is that these are not exchangeable physically in the economic market. Some critics use this feature to highlight the mechanism in which it’s being operated.

The Working Mechanism:

NFT is based upon a non-fungible form of trade, so you can avail your possessed resource to get ownership of this unique artistry. Therefore, it’s more likely to be compared to buying a custom-made dress by a famous designer or an extremely popular painting by a renowned artist. 

You can create them in the form of GIFs, Collectible items, Digital avatars, musical melodies, paintings, designer products, etc. this means that after making a purchase, you will get a design, melody, or another form of art in the form of a digital storage file, not an existing materialistic possession. 

Usage and Importance: 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can represent anything from digital art to real estate. Unlike cryptocurrencies, which are interchangeable, NFTs are unique and can’t be replaced by another token. This makes them ideal for representing items with scarcity value, such as rare digital art or crypto collectibles.

Moreover, the use of NFTs enables true ownership of digital assets and opens up new possibilities for creators and collectors. For example, an artist could sell their work as an NFT, providing them with a new revenue stream and giving collectors the ability to show off their collection in a completely novel way. With the rise of blockchain technology, we can expect to see more and more businesses experiment with NFTs in the years to come. Who knows what new applications will be invented? The possibilities are truly endless.

Trading Platforms:

You can easily buy NFT if you have access to the platform, which features trade with them and utilizes easy conditions to operate within their premises. Usually, these websites and other online platforms use cryptocurrency as a tool for trading art and resources. You can use several platforms that give cryptocurrency access via connection to your bank account. Below we have listed some of the best NFT platforms.

  • OpenSea
  • CryptoKitties
  • SuperRare
  • Decentraland
  • Axie Infinity
  • The Sandbox
  • Zedge
  • Maker Market

The Best NFT creator Applications: 

You can visit several websites and online platforms in search of ideal trading locations and create them. Also, You don’t have to spend hours searching websites, reading articles, and asking for expert opinions. Please sit back and relax; we have sorted a list of the best NFT creator applications for you.

Following are the best NFT creator app available on the internet:

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. GoArt
  3. PixelChain
  4. Nifty Ink
  5. Hotpot.ai
  6. Adobe Photoshop
  7. NFT Creator
  8. Krita
  9. SketchAr
  10. Corel Painter

Adobe Illustrator:

You can easily create icons, avatars, web graphics, and other artistic designs for NFT using Adobe illustrator. Using the featured adobe sensei ai, you can rapidly readjust colors and add customized effects. You can learn through tutorials and increase your expertise in the fields easily. You can buy variant monthly subscriptions to this application according to your preferences. 


  • Great three-dimensional effects 
  • Automatic font activation 
  • Helping tutorials in the learning panel 


  • Requires a lot of space to operate properly


You can access ai image corporation technology using GoArt, which readily creates realistic artworks using simple images. BFT is featured in this application to make the creation of NFTs easy and comfortable. Buy a premium subscription to GoArt for high-quality images and printable artistries. Print t-shirts, wallpapers, and paintings using the application in a short period. It is one of the best applications if you are a beginner learning the creation of NFT. 


  • Realistic artwork
  • Simple user interface 
  • NFT creation functionalities 


  • Paid subscriptions for premium tools 


PixelChain is an artistic creator software that uses chain and cloud storage to store data and art. You don’t have to worry about losing essential data and graphical information of NFT. The blockchain is always accessible to the artist directly and easily. You can compress files and store information about art and artists in authorized storage. This is very recommendable for users with a huge collection of artwork on the internet. 


  • An authorized user can trace shared data
  • Affordable 
  • Trustworthy and secure 


  • Limited features      

Nifty Ink:

It is the most user-friendly platform for beginners who want to learn about NFT artwork. You can easily create, sell, buy NFTs, and trade tokens without being an expert. It is eventually free and provides a better platform for users to create digital art and illustrations while maintaining direct contact with users. It is easy to learn software for kids and adults new to the innovative marketplace of NFT. 


  • Free 
  • Easy to learn 
  • Initial trading opportunities available 


  • Weak framework 


hotspot.ai provides customization and personalization for old and latest artwork of users. You can create NFT straight out of your imagination with minimum effort. The air doesn’t affect quality and graphics during editing and customization. Instead, it perfectly increases the graphical features of the image to make it look more natural and radical. 


  • Help enhance your craft 
  • Provide new ideas
  • Affordable 


  • Fixed subscriptions 

Adobe Photoshop:

It’s one of the most famous editing platforms on planet earth. This is highly recommended and used by actual professionals. Using this application, you can easily converge your imagination in the form of NFT art. Furthermore, you can quickly create animations of your art in this same software in minutes. You can spend a month of free trial experience and buy a monthly subscription. 


  • Compatible with android, mac, and windows
  • Huge collection of available tools 
  • Easy customization of the artwork


  • File storage is difficult 

NFT Creator:

It is quite simple art creation software for ios users globally. You can upload any form of a picture on this app and get it converted into art in a few minutes. However, it would be best to buy certain subscriptions to use the premium features and tools available. You will be given three days of the free trial, and if it suits you, you could buy weekly for a yearly subscription. 


  • Numerous fonts and designs
  • Several filters available 
  • Thousands of backgrounds and themes for pictures    


  • Android users can’t use this application 


Very few apps allow users to create their imaginative concept art, storyboards, and illustrations as independently as Krita. It helps artists digitally and creates great art projects as a result. It consists of superb filters and brushes for artists. Krita is sure to smoothen and enhance your artistic experience. With comfort in usage, it has powerful and stable editing abilities. 


  • Compatible with Linux, windows, and mac
  • Futuristic color grading mechanism
  • Available learning content 


  • Less suitable for images than sketches and paintings 


No application or software is comparable to converting art into NFT with SketchAr. It is one of the most unique and interesting applications that help explore digital art. You can easily publish your art on this platform, and other users can appreciate your art. Skechers selects an artistic piece from its users every week and features it on their feed as a form of respect and recognition for the artist. It’s great for inspiration and learning via other artists’ imagination. 


  • Convert art into NFT 
  • Proper guidance for usage
  • Enlist the artistic achievements of users in the market


  • Few templates available 

Corel Painter:

Corel painter is featured with ai assistance to the artists for easier production of art pieces. You can use globally recognized tools and templates more efficiently in this software. There is a diverse range of brushes available to be used, with dozens of templates to be used. This software has a thirty-day money-back guarantee on lifetime and yearly subscriptions. You should consider the coral painter if you can to create better NFTs. 


  • Custom palettes and brushes 
  • Easy import of images from other devices 
  • Frequent updates for better user experience 


  • Expensive subscriptions 

Factors To Consider Before Selecting NFT Creator Applications:

Following are a few factors to consider before selecting an application to create NFT:


Make sure to look for tools you might require while making NFT. Most applications and software allow personalized methods to select important and useful tools for artists individually. You can also adjust your app’s settings for this efficient and comfortable work process. 


Usually, templates are pre-featured in the apps, and you can’t separately access them. But templates play an important role in editing and creativity. If you face difficulties while using templates, seek tutorials and guides for a better outcome. 

Editing Capacity:

Ensure that your software has great editing abilities that are beneficial for you. The editing capacity heavily varies it quality of applications. Therefore, consider the abilities and features of editing software before using it. 


Artists are usually free and innovative, while there should also be calculation and precision. Make sure your application stabilizes and balances both aspects to achieve the best outcome. 


Take a look at whether the application leaves a watermark once you store your artwork or not. Make sure to get rid of branding watermarks to experience an independent artist approach to the artwork you created. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of investment is NFT? 

It is a high-risk and high-reward type of investment. The marketplace is based on desirability, fame, and scarcity of art pieces in the masses. Therefore, carefully invest in better forms of investment opportunities for better outcomes and minimum risk. 

Which application is preferred to create NFT? 

Adobe illustrator, NFT creator, and coral painter are some of the best NFT-creating applications and software. Experts highly recommend them for beginners and even professional artists. 

Can Photoshop be used for making NFT?

NFTs are digital storage files that can be edited and shared using various applications and software, including Photoshop. Then, trade edited versions on proper platforms afterward. 

What is the working mechanism of NFT?

NFTs are unique and non-interchangeable digital assets. You can trade them but can’t use them as fungible means of economic trading. Moreover, royalties and credits can be earned even if you’ve sold original artwork under certain conditions. 

How much energy is used while utilization of NFT?

According to engineer and computational artist Memo Akten, the process of minting NFT utilizes over 260000 kWh energy. 


There are a lot of advantages to creating, selling, buying, and utilizing NFTs. However, it would be best if you were careful while trading them as they are a non-fungible source of trade. If you want to create an NFT, consider our top picks and guides to choose an ideal application or software for you. You can learn more about the creation, usage, and importance of NFT in other articles published by us. Thanks for reading.

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