Best Headset for Xbox Series X/S 2022

Developed and owned by Microsoft, Xbox is a gaming console brand that provides gaming enthusiasts with high definition 4K ultra resolutions, 120 FPS, and 8K high dynamic range. These features Best Headset for Xbox Series X/S make the fastest and most powerful Xbox ever built.

It is equipped with AMD’s Zen 2 products that give every animation a realistic look. SOC, along with Xbox velocity architecture, makes the gaming experience super faster. Its 1TB customized SSD boosts up the performance of Xbox. The advanced vertical cooling system has three airflow channels that distribute the heat equally to keep the console quiet and cool.

However, when it comes to high-end gaming for pro gamers, another important gaming element is considered, which is the sound. For multiplayer first-person shooter games like CS-GO, the requirement of a good headset cannot be denied. It is the key element to hear the footsteps of the enemy. Gaming companies focus a lot on sound quality these days to offer a more realistic gaming experience.

Not only the game sound but also to communicate with your teammate in the game, it is necessary for gamers to have a good headset. The headset enables you to focus on your game by canceling all the noise around you through the noise cancellation feature.

Top 4 Best Headset for Xbox Series X/S

Nowadays, many tech companies are focusing on producing good headsets that fulfill a gaming enthusiast’s requirement. The list of 6 best headsets for Xbox series X/S is given below:

  1. HyperX CloudX
  2. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset
  3. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2
  4. LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

HyperX CloudX

Microsoft has approved HyperX CloudX gaming headsets to provide serious gaming enthusiasts with better quality and comfort. These are the only officially licensed gaming headsets for Xbox series X/S and Xbox one. It has a phenomenal audio control system that puts all the controls right over your fingertips.

The frame is made up of aluminum to face all the rigorous daily gaming session routines. The leathered perforated ear cushion provides the end-user with comfort, which they need for long weekend gaming sessions.

 The 53mm bass reproduction allows the user to hear all highs and lows and makes the outer world silent for him as the outer world does not exist, and the gamer immerses completely into the game.

The microphone has the feature to eliminate any outside noise to have a clear conversation with your teammates. It is also flexible and detachable to make it easier for the gamer to avoid any type of noise.

This headset is compatible with Xbox series S/X and Xbox one because it has easy connectivity and software features that make it very convenient for the gamer to connect it with the console. It is headset also has a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

HyperX CloudX Features & Specs:

  • Driver: Dynamic 53mm
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz–25,000 Hz
  • Weight: 325g
  • Weight w/ mic: 337g
  • Cable length and type: Headset (1.3m)
  • Connection:  Headset – 3.5mm plug (4 pole)
  • Polar pattern: Noise-cancelling
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-18,000 Hz
  • Pros
  • Adjustable Base
  • Evolved with Surround Sound
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Reliable Wireless Connectivity
  • Cons
  • Low Volume on Some Games

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

Arctic 1 is a product of Steel Series, which is an overall 4-in-1 wireless gaming headset that provides ultra-low latency, noise cancellation, comfortable and durable headband, and high-performance speakers for Xbox series X/S and Xbox one.

The very best opportunity it offers is a one-month free gaming pass inside its box. Gamers get a collection of 100 games on Xbox for a whole month for free. The code is written inside the headset box and activates when you enter it into the dialog box.

The Arctis 1 comes with the same feature of signature soundscape provided in the award-winning Arctis 9X, which has all the subtle details of high-quality audio.

Another exemplary feature it provides is a detachable Clear Cast mic. This microphone is certified by discord, which has the same aircraft carrier crew’s performance for advanced noise cancellation.

The lightweight and durable headband made of steel are designed to easily adjust perfectly on all head sizes. This headset not only fits perfectly on your head but also has lots of controls over it, which makes it very convenient for the user to operate while gaming.

To make it more flexible for the user, the universal Cable is added to connect it with various devices to help you play games at home or games on the go.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset Features & Specs:

  • Headphone Volume Control 40 mm
  • Frequency Response 100–6500 Hz
  • Type Detachable boom
  • Polar Pattern Bidirectional Noise-Cancelling
  • Range 30ft / 9m
  • Battery Life 20 hours
  • USB-C Wireless Transmitter
  • 4-pole 3.5mm audio cable
  • Pros
  • Incredible Performance
  • Comfortable
  • Y-Splitter
  • Steel-reinforced headband
  • Cons
  • Little Bit Bulky
  • Glass Sensitive

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

The headset Elite Pro 2 is presented to you by a collaboration of Turtle Beach with the leading E-sports teams to provide you with a pro performance giving gaming headset for Xbox series X/S and Xbox One.

It’s one of a kind in durability and comfort. This headset is designed especially for elite gamers for an experience they never had before. The metal headband, which perfectly fits all head sizes, comes with a suspended pad on top and soft foam cushions for ears, is a true demonstration of value to the Xbox users.

It has large NANO CLEAR speakers of 50mm, which provides the best audio tuning for professional e-sports teams. A pro gaming microphone by TruSpeak technology provides a crystal clear chatting experience with noise cancellation.

The most value provided in this headset is for gamers with glasses on. Many gaming enthusiasts find it difficult to wear a headset for long gaming sessions. Sometimes the headset doesn’t fit properly with the glasses, or it hurts otherwise. Turtle Beach added an exclusive Pro Specs glasses relief system that helps gamers enjoy long-time gaming sessions.

Magnetic speaker plates help you make your headset design cool. The plates can easily be swapped and updated by the new look of Elite Pro 2 with a set of new speaker plates.

This headset comes at a price of $129 95.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Features and Specs:

  • Audio Connection (3.5mm Cable)
  • Speaker Frequency Response 12Hz – 20 kHz
  • Speaker Size 50mm Nanoclear speakers
  • Microphone Unidirectional gaming microphone
  • Ear Cushion Over-Ear Athletic Fabric
  • Cables Inline 3.5mm Cable
  • Pros
  • Outstanding Sound Quality
  • Strong Bass
  • Super Amp Included
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Cons
  • Unstable App
  • Smaller Microphone

LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

This officially licensed headset is specially designed for Xbox series X/S by LucidSound to have an outstanding gaming experience. The Xbox wireless allows you to connect to the console without using any additional wires, giving total freedom from all sorts of cables. It also gives an automated configuration setup for Xbox.

The model LS35X wireless surround sound gives a quick access control system to gamers. In order to increase the adaptability of its user, LucidSound came up with the Idea of easy accessibility. No need to find any buttons on the top of your ear cups. Just rotate the outer ring to control your speaker’s volume and press the button in the center to mute your microphone.

For superior comfort, the headsets come with the cooling gel inside the cushions of the headsets ear cup for advanced comfort in long gaming sessions. Also, the earpads of the headset are easily replaceable by new ones with cooling gel.

A unique feature of dual boom mics makes it easier for the gamer to communicate with teammates and the viewers. Take off the boom mic, and you will be able to use the integrated 2nd mic for mobile. This headset comes with a price of $179.

LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset Features and specs:

  • Speaker Size: 50mm
  • Sound Space: Amplified Stereo Sound
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Console Game Audio: Xbox Wireless
  • Console Chat Audio: 100% Wireless
  • Wireless Range: 30ft
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours
  • Weight: 396g / 14oz
  • Microphone Removable boom mic
  • Pros
  • Ironic Sound Experience
  • Flawless Connectivity
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Cons
  • At Higher Volume Little Bit Distortion

Buyers guide:

1. Surround sound:

It is a very important feature because it tells you about the direction from where the sound is coming. Games like modern warfare on Xbox require having a grip over every slight detail of where the enemy is.

2. Microphones:

Quality microphones are very important to communicate with your teammates without any distortion. Variable mics are preferre, which cancels all the noise coming from around you.

3. Comfort:

The comfort of a headset should be a priority for gamers having long gaming sessions. The headset must fit properly on the head, and the ear cup foam should be soft.

4. Battery:

The headset’s battery timing should be incredible if you have a gaming session of more than 10 hours a day. It is important that your headset gives the best performance in the least charging timings.

5. Wireless connectivity:

No one likes a headset with a wire. Wireless headsets are more comfortable and easy to deal with and allow you to move easily without getting confine by their wire.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Best Headset for Xbox Series X/S in 2022?

  • HyperX CloudX Official Xbox Licensed Headset
  • SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Performance Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X/S
  • LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Does the Bluetooth Headphone Works with Xbox X/S Series?

The headphones that are designed for Xbox comes with proprietary wireless streaming. But You can connect the Bluetooth headset by plugging the audio transmitter into your console.

Can We Use Apple AirPods for Xbox Series X/S?

No, you can’t use your AirPods directly with your Xbox. Therefore, it’s a better option to use a wireless headset like SteelSeries Arctis 1.

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