Best Gimbal for Sony a7iii (DJI Ronin, Zhiyun Crane)2022

Best Gimbal for Sony a7iii

The Sony a7III is a high-end mirrorless camera that offers excellent image quality and advanced features. A gimbal can be a valuable investment for photographers who want to get the most out of their cameras. A gimbal helps to stabilize your camera, making it easier to take sharp photos and smooth video footage. When choosing a gimbal for your Sony a7III, it’s important to choose one that is compatible with the camera’s battery size and weight

There’s no doubt that the Sony a7iii is one of today’s best camera options. However, if you want to get the most out of your camera, you’ll need a gimbal. The best gimbal for your Sony a7iii will help stabilize your shots and make them look smooth and professional.

Any photographer who shoots photographs and movies for a living will want to have a gimbal. Even if you don’t consider yourself an advanced action shooter, you can still use it with your Sony Alpha camera – the gimbal will make it easier to shoot with precision.

If you are into action photography or videography, have a great stabilizer like a 3 axis gimbal head. So, it helps you capture perfect shots every time.

You probably already know that your images come out blurry when shooting moving objects in low light conditions due to camera shake. This is where gimbals come in handy because they stabilize the camera for the sharpest results all the time, even in extreme weather conditions or long exposure photos/videos.

A great stabilizer will do a much better job than built-in camera stabilization. In other words, the gimbal has a much larger weight which makes it simply more effective. When you combine Sony Alpha’s best sensors with a professional gimbal, you will have outstanding results every time.

Advantages of the Best Gimbal for Sony a7iii:

When it comes to finding the best gimbal for the Sony a7iii, there are many factors that you need to consider. Additionally, you also want to make sure that the gimbal you select is easy to use and comes with all the features you need.

One of the main advantages of using the best gimbal for Sony a7iii is that it can help stabilize your camera. This is especially important if you will be taking pictures or videos in low light conditions. Additionally, a good gimbal can also help reduce camera shake. This can be extremely helpful if you are trying to take pictures of moving objects or simply trying to keep your camera still while taking a video.

Finally, another advantage of using a good gimbal is that it can help you take better videos. This is because a good gimbal can help stabilize your camera to avoid having to worry about shaky footage. Additionally, a good gimbal can also help you get smoother video footage by helping to keep the camera steady while you are moving it around.

Top Rated Best Gimbal for sony a7iii

We all know that Sony A7 Series cameras are one of the best mirrorless cameras in the world. But to make them even better, you need stabilizers like gimbals or steadicam. Gimbals will give you professional stable shots. So If you want to shoot action sports like skateboarding or rollerblading, go for the gimbal. So here I will tell you about the 7 best gimbals for sony a7iii camera.

  • DJI Ronin-SC Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Cinematic Gimbal
  • The DJI RS 2 – 3-Axis Carbon Fiber Gimbal Stabilizer
  • DJI RSC 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal OLED Screen Stabilizer
  • MOZA AirCross 2 Auto-Tuning Kit Handheld Gimbal
  • Zhiyun Crane 3S Smartsling Kit 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal
  • Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR
  • MOZA Aircross 2 Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer
ImagesProduct NameCheck Price
DJI Ronin-SC Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Cinematic GimbalDJI Ronin-SC Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Cinematic Gimbal
Check Price
DJI RS 2 - 3-Axis Carbon Fiber Gimbal StabilizerDJI RS 2 - 3-Axis Carbon Fiber Gimbal Stabilizer
Check Price
DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal OLED Screen StabilizerDJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal OLED Screen Stabilizer
Check Price
MOZA AirCross 2 Auto-Tuning Kit Handheld GimbalMOZA AirCross 2 Auto-Tuning Kit Handheld Gimbal
Check Price
Zhiyun Crane 3S Smartsling Kit 3-Axis Handheld GimbalZhiyun Crane 3S Smartsling Kit 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal
Check Price
Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLRZhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR
Check Price
MOZA Aircross 2 Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld StabilizerMOZA Aircross 2 Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer Check Price

DJI Ronin-SC Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Cinematic Gimbal

DJI Ronin-SC - Camera Stabilizer | Best Gimbal for Sony a7iii


  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Max Camera Weight Capacity: 3.1 KG
  • Gimbal Controllable Angle Range: Pitch -90° to +30° / Roll ±360°
  • Dimensions Folded: 7.8 x 6.3 x 9.4 in
  • Dimensions Unfolded 13.1 x 6.3 x 17 in (33.3 x 16 x 43 cm)
  • Max Height with Top Handle 11 in (27.9 cm)
  • Max Width 6.3 in (16 cm)


The Ronin-SC is a camera stabilizer that You can use with cameras weighing 8 to 15 pounds. It is an excellent choice for the Panasonic GH5 and other popular mirrorless and DSLR cameras and prosumer video cameras like Blackmagic’s Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K and certain models of the C100 and C300 series by Canon. The DJI Ronin-SC allows users to capture ultra-smooth footage in challenging circumstances, such as when shooting at maximum zoom or shooting from drones. Further, The included top handle adds stability during high activity scenes such as fast pans, bumps, run-and-gun, jump cuts, etc.


The Ronin-SC has several advantages over a gimbal stabilizer: it’s cheaper, lighter, takes up less space in the car and on planes. The carbon fiber arms fold up into a small package that can easily be tucked under your arm or thrown in a duffel bag. In addition, the only motors are at the base of the unit, which means you have none to break mid-shoot. As a result, the Ronin-SC is exactly what you need to get the most out of your production workflow.

DJI’s newest camera stabilizer has three operation modes, each with its advantages. For example, when using it in selfie mode, the joystick becomes the shutter button for photos and videos. When working as a traditional Steadicam, you can control panning via the gimbal control dials on either side of the frame or by tilting or turning the handgrip itself; slow movements are also possible by twisting the grip gently. In addition, a variety of accessories (sold separately) allow users to modify how they work with their Ronin-SC for maximum versatility.

The Ronin-SC is designed for handholding and drone shooting applications, as well as fast-paced production environments. It’s great for anyone who wants to get more done without being held back by a static setup. It’s also very easy to learn due to its intuitive design and smooth grip.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the business of shooting videos, you know how critical it is to have your tools ready and easily accessible at all times. The DJI Ronin-SC Camera Stabilizer is designed for this exact purpose: it’s lightweight and compact enough that you can take it with you just about anywhere. Although it mainly works as a standalone device, the possibilities are endless when combined with accessories such as an external monitor or wireless connection.

  • Intuitive, customizable controls
  • Dual joystick grip
  • Three different operation modes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Well built with carbon fiber
  • Not included battery charger
  • Limited to a max of 2.43 Pound

DJI RS 2 – 3-Axis Carbon Fiber Gimbal Stabilizer

DJI RS 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR | Best Gimbal for Sony a7iii


  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Max Hold up to: 5.8 KG
  • 3-axis stabilization
  • Supports up to 11 pounds of camera gear
  • (Optional) 1/4″ mount adaptable to camera shoes
  • Wireless controller for shooting on the fly
  • Up to 600ft range


The DJI RS 2 (Remote Stabilizer) is a 3-Axis Remote Controlled stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. It works wirelessly alongside the newly released DJI RONIN but can also be used on its own. Further, It comes with a wireless remote controller that allows you to control your camera movements, even on the fly. In other words, The DJI RS 2 (Remote Stabilizer) is an entry-level stabilizer aimed at DSLR and Mirrorless camera users. That includes camcorder and GoPro users as well. The setup is really easy. You don’t need cables or anything like that. In short, A beginner could get it working in less than 5 minutes!


Compared to other remote control stabilizers out there, this one offers you an affordable price with cutting-edge technology. Its wireless transmission system makes controlling your camera movements much easier. It also supports a wireless remote controller so you can even control your camera movements on the fly.

DJI’s products are known for their quality, design, and proper functionality. And this product is no exception to that rule! DJI has been through a lot to make it solid & simple to use.

The RS 2 (Remote Stabilizer) is for anyone looking to achieve a cinematic look with DSLR and mirrorless cameras but can’t afford more expensive gimbals that handle larger camera setups. For example, the Ronin handles up to 25 pounds, whereas the RS 2 stabilizes cameras of 22 pounds or less. It uses a standard 1/4″ mount. So you can attach almost any DSLR or mirrorless camera weighing up to 11 lbs. It also comes with a cold shoe connector on top. Hence you don’t have to remove it from your DSLR if you want to add an external

It comes with an Arri Rosette Mount, which you attach or remove from the gimbal via a screwdriver. The DJI RS 2 has an integrated 200mAh battery with about 5 hours of life (usable only when used with the RONIN) and is compatible with most cameras available on the market (e.g., Panasonic GH4/5, Sony A7sII). If you want to change batteries yourself, though, make sure to get extra batteries and the external charger.

It’s a 3-axis stabilizer for mirrorless cameras (and DSLR). It uses radio frequencies instead of cables to prevent interference (and have more freedom while filming). It comes with a wireless controller that you attach on top or below the camera, depending on whether you want it to be operated by hand/following your movements or not. The gimbal has a battery. It Comes also with an extra battery and an external charger.

The size of this stabilizer is one of its main selling points! It offers both wired and wireless options for your convenience. It also comes with an integrated battery, so you don’t have to buy separate batteries for this stabilizer. However, if you want/need to change batteries yourself, make sure to get extra batteries + an external charger since it only comes with 1 battery inside the package.

Final Thoughts

The DJI RS 2 is aimed at people looking for cinematic results but don’t have the budget required for larger & more expensive full-size stabilizers like the DJI Ronin. That’s because this one only handles cameras weighing up to 11 pounds! Keep in mind that the setup itself will weigh up to 18 pounds after adding your camera.

  • All-in-one solution
  • Great stabilization, perfect for small DSLRs
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Lightweight & small
  • short battery life (5 hours)
  • No batteries included

DJI RSC 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal OLED Screen Stabilizer

DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR


  • Dimensions: 1.8 x 9.8 x 10 inches (45 x 250 x 254 mm)
  • Weight: 0.92 pounds (408 grams)
  • Max Camera Weight Supported: 4.2 kg
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32 to 104 F
  • Max Output Power: 5V / 4A
  • Battery Drive Time: 8 hours


The DJI RSC 2 is a portable, lightweight 3-axis gimbal stabilizer designed to provide stability needed for clear and smooth video recordings. Designed with brushless motors and a carbon-fiber structure, it weighs only 24 ounces (692 grams) – about as much as a medium-size light tripod head.

In addition to its small size and lightweight, the RSC 2 also has built-in functions that make operating it easier than ever before. For example, a 2 inch OLED screen at the base of the handle provides real-time battery power information. Meanwhile, its status updates other important functions such as operation mode selection, calibration, failsafe settings, etc.


To operate camera controls or switch between modes, you have two options – use the joystick on the handle or wireless remote control with an iOS/Android phone using the DJI RONIN-MX app.

You can keep your existing tripod or fold up a small light one to get maximum stability. For example, the RSC 2 weighs only 24 ounces (692 grams). Even larger 2-handles gimbals are available in the same series if you need more stabilization. The DJI Ronin S weighs 32 ounces (910 grams), and the DJI Ronin M, which is slightly heavier at 33.5 ounces 899 grams.

The gimbal works using brushless motors with encoders to detect angle changes of each axis, referencing an onboard inertial measurement unit (IMU) for quick response over 1000 times per second. To calibrate the IMU any time it gets moved, you simply turn the RSC 2 on within 15 seconds of turning it off. The IMU then calibrates itself to determine its current orientation and stores that information into memory. So the next time you power up, it will automatically know where it is in space, even if you move it before activating.

Once calibrated, the gimbal keeps track of four angles (pitch, roll, yaw angle & heading) while at rest or while moving. Further, it ensures smooth camera movement without directly controlling the gimbal’s movements. Instead, fine control over small movements using either your hand or a wireless controller with a smartphone app is available.

Final Thoughts

The DJI Ronin-S is a very capable 3-axis stabilization gimbal that packs in many features typically seen only in larger handheld gimbals. The ability to monitor the camera’s status, battery life, and IMU calibration all at a glance with software updates allows users more time to focus on their shot rather than monitoring their equipment. With its lightweight design, You can use it for aerial footage and ground shots where a steady video is needed, like tracking moving subjects or doing POV (point of view) shots.

  • Great build quality
  • Good stabilization & weight support
  • Wide compatibility with different cameras and lenses
  • Long battery life on a single charge
  • No quick-release options

MOZA AirCross 2 Auto-Tuning Kit Handheld Gimbal

MOZA AirCross 2 Professional Kit Handheld Stabilizer


  • Weight: 562g/1.2lbs
  • Size when folded: 6.6″x 6.6″x 1.9″(LxHxW)
  • Max Load Capacity: 3KG/6.5lbs
  • Motors: Three high-precision motors
  • Average Battery Life: Approx 2 hours
  • Heading Lock Range: ±360°
  • Follow Mode Accuracy: ±0.01°
  • Tilt/Pan Speed Range: ±50°/s – ±200°/s


The MOZA AirCross 2 is a handheld gimbal with an attached smartphone or GoPro mount. This system comprises three high-precision motors that work together to stabilize the camera. As a result, the device can perform the smoothest panning and tilting movements. In addition, the gimbal supports all smartphones weighing. So even if you own a larger device, don’t worry about fitting. Further, You can adjust how fast/slow the device reacts to movement by changing ‘motor speed,’ which pretty much does just that – speeds up or slows down the reaction time of the motors.


It eliminates all of those unwanted shakes and jolts from your footage/photos, making them professional-looking and adding a smooth cinematic effect to those handheld movements. It’s perfect if you’re looking to make your social media videos stand out from everyone else as they look extremely professional! I think this product is great value for money, especially with the features on offer – check out some of my favorite below:

Auto-Tune Stability (ATS) systems automatically correct any instability in the footage resulting from a shaky hand, helping you create effortlessly stable shots. When will I use this? If you’re on a bumpy train journey or doing an interview outdoors where there is the wind blowing.

Follow Mode features takes your shots to the next level by following a subject automatically. So, it keeps them in the shot no matter where they move and without having to touch the camera or gimbal. In short, you can focus on the shot and not the camera’s movement. When will I use this? They don’t appear blurry when you want steady and constant moving footage of people walking!

Selfie Mode Similar to Follow Mode but for selfies. It makes it easy for you to always capture yourself perfectly and panning round to get those extra detailing angles such as off your outfit from different sides. When will I use this? If you’re doing a hair tutorial and want to appear in the background instead of just having your face in it!

Lock Mode locks your shot in place so that no matter how much it’s being shaken or you drop it, your shot remains static and doesn’t get blurry. This is perfect for drone shots where small movements could ruin the stability of the footage/photo if not locked into place.

Final Thoughts

I like the fact about gimbals that you’re able to control all of these features with your smartphone without having to mess around with any wires. With features such as motor speed and follow modes, this Moza Air gimbal for bmpcc 4k does everything that other products do at an affordable price. It’s an extremely easy-to-use stabilizer and works brilliantly with any smartphone from iPhone up to a Galaxy Plus. I would recommend it if you’re not too fussed about having the most professional shots but want something that instantly takes your social media videos/snaps to the next level!

  • Affordable price point
  • Motor Speed is adjustable
  • Follow Mode Accuracy
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Dual USB ports
  • No tripod/stand
  • Heavy when loaded

Zhiyun Crane 3S Smartsling Kit 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Zhiyun Crane 3S Smartsling Kit


  • Weight: 1.03 pounds
  • Battery: 6 hours
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Max shooting speed: 120 FPS
  • The Max shooting resolution: 4K/60fps, 3K/120fps, 1080P/240fps
  • Max ISO: 12800
  • Working Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Item Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 7 inches


The Crane 3S is a handheld gimbal that helps you with the shake and vibration of your shots. It’s made by Zhiyun, a very popular brand for this device. This one can be mounted on either 35mm or 25mm bars (not included), and it has three different modes:

  • Selfie-Mode (arm out)
  • Side Mode (arm to the side or in front)
  • Underslung Mode (arm tucked under)

It also supports 4K/60fps shooting and the RAW format for photos and videos.


This handheld gimbal has a few more features too. It has an OLED screen that shows you your current settings and how much battery life is left. The gimbal battery will last for six hours on average, which is great, but it’s also removable so that you can carry backup batteries with you. In addition, it supports the popular Zhiyun APP for Android and iOS, where you can control everything from your phone or tablet. You can even do wireless updates to the device using Bluetooth if necessary!

The camera connection kit is attached to this device via USB-C cables, and it also works with other cameras such as GoPro and Sony (which we talk about in detail below). All of the cables in this kit are well-made and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of any of them. This kit is the heart of this handheld gimbal, and it holds everything together.

This kit is good for so many things! It’s not just used for filmmaking, but also photoshoots where you need to get ultra-steady shots. You can attach a gimbal to your bike or car (or any other vehicle) to take sharp photos of whatever you’re photographing. It works with smartphones too, which means that selfies will look amazing when taken with this device!

This handheld gimbal is for anyone who wants extremely sharp photos and videos without shaking or vibration. It’s not just for filmmakers either, but also photographers of all kinds! You can attach your phone or camera using the included cables and get great results every time.

Lastly, this kit does come with a 2-year warranty just in case anything goes wrong. So you won’t have to pay the full price for the product twice, and you’ll give yourself some peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

The Zhiyun Crane 3S Smartsling Kit might be expensive, but it’s definitely worth your time. You’ll get everything you need to use this handheld gimbal in three different ways, and you can do it all wirelessly using Bluetooth. In addition, two extra batteries are included in the kit that gives you even more power. Each battery you give lasts six hours on average (although this will vary depending on what camera/phone you’re using). The camera connection kit is well-made and has very sturdy USB-C cables to connect your devices.

  • Removable battery
  • 4K/60fps support
  • Easy to balance and control
  • 3 different modes for easy shooting
  • Great battery life
  • Expensive
  • Not the most reliable device out there

Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR

Zhiyun WEEBILL S Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR


  • Material: Metal alloy+ABS
  • Battery Type: Li-ion 18650
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Usage time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Max Loading Capacity: 5kg (11lbs)
  • Packing size(LxWxH): 20 x 13 x 9cm + 5cm bulge
  • Load Capacity: 5KG


The Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR is a stabilizer that lets you take on any terrain or shoot with your DSLR camera while moving. It comes with everything you need and also has an easy-to-use design. Therefore, expect the Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR to be one of the most dependable gimbals you can find. Furthermore, thanks to its easy-to-use design, it holds up well, even through extreme conditions, and is also very safe.


The Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR is very easy to use. It has a built-in handheld stabilizer with a 3-axis Brushless Motor, so there’s no need to buy additional components. With this gimbal, you can change your camera angle easily and effortlessly while still getting a great performance as you shoot. The Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR comes with everything you need, and that includes the handheld stabilizer, a quick-release plate for your camera, an LCD screen, and a joystick wireless control system.

It also comes with a USB port and two batteries. The improved joystick on the Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR lets you access and control its functions easily and effortlessly. It allows you to change camera angles easily, lock and unlock buttons quickly, move between manual and auto modes, tilt up or down with ease, and more. All of these buttons are placed strategically so you can access them easily. The Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR is also very safe to use. It features a metal frame that keeps your camera stable so it won’t fall off during heavy usage.

There are also rubber rings around the pedal and joystick, so putting your camera on the stabilizer and taking it off is smooth and easy. With its high torque, you can also expect moving forward, and backward will be a breeze. It has a 5kg (11lbs) capacity, which means you can use almost any DSLR with this product. The Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR also comes with a two-year warranty, so you are sure that it will last.

The Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR is great. It works well and is fairly priced, so you know that it’s a great deal. It’s very safe to use thanks to its design, and it also helps you get a lot of value for your money. In other words, it comes with an LCD screen, two batteries, and a joystick wireless control system. You also get a two-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

The Zhiyun WEEBILL S 5KG Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR is a fantastic gimbal stabilizer. It’s constructed with high-quality parts, so it’ll function well even in extreme situations. This product can also be used with most DSLRs, making it adaptable. Furthermore, the wireless joystick control lets you easily access and control its functions. The Zhiyun WEEBILL S gimbal for bmpcc 6k also comes with a two-year warranty, so if ever something does happen to it, you know that you’re covered.

  • Easy to use
  • Great value
  • Very safe to use
  • Easy to adjust
  • Compact design
  • Not good for an extra-long lens

MOZA Aircross 2 Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer

MOZA Aircross 2 Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR


  • Speed: +-0.02° per second (static)
  • Angular Vibration: +/- 0.03°
  • Control Range: up to 50 meters
  • Battery Life: 10 hours for 3 batteries
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 100W
  • Weight: 2.8lbs (1.27kg) without batteries
  • Working Temperature: -10°C-45°C


The Moza Aircross Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer is a 3 Axis gimbal stabilizer that weighs only 2.5 pounds. So, it can fit in your hand. It supports up to 7.05lb of weight, can hold 3 batteries to power it for over 10 hours, and the control range of the joystick is up to 50 meters. The MOZA AirCross is designed for use with action cameras such as the GoPro and other small cameras such as digital compacts and camcorders weighing between 0.5–3kg (1–7lbs). It is an extremely versatile product. So, it allows you to capture smooth and stable footage from various angles, making it perfect for filming activities. The MOZA AirCross can even be used with heavier DSLR cameras. So, say goodbye to your shaky home video footage forever!

Features –

The MOZA AirCross is a precise 3 axis stabilization gimbal, with an accuracy of 0.01°. This means you can film from any angle and capture truly fluid footage. Also, It has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to use the gimbal for up to 10 hours+ on a single charge! You can also carry around additional batteries, which will give you the flexibility to shoot longer.

The Gimbal is Made with aircraft aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. This gimbal is light in weight yet strong in structure. What’s more, it is a foldable gimbal with two folding handles, which allow you to carry it around easily. As well as pan and tilt at any angle, the MOZA AirCross is completely 360° rotatable. So, users can flip it whichever way they want. Furthermore, this feature makes it ideal when filming action shots, such as driving down.

The MOZA AirCross has a built-in battery inside the handle, which can be charged using a power adapter or through your laptop’s USB port. – It has an adjustable mounting plate at the gimbal’s bottom, which you can attach to any tripod. Additionally, its headphone jack allows real-time sound monitoring without shuffling around with cables without disturbing it.

This is what makes the stabilizer really come alive and work properly! Because this device does not have any way to adjust the tension on its own. So if you just pick up the camera and hold it in there without clamping anything down on all three axes, it will slowly turn.

Gimbals, in general, are becoming more and more popular in the world of filmmaking, and capturing smooth footage has never been easier with the help of gimbals such as the MOZA AirCross. The gimbal lets you capture video from various angles and helps you create footage with better clarity and sharpness.

Final Thought

The MOZA AirCross is an essential tool for anyone who wants to improve their video quality. It will help you create professional footage, and it is easy to use thanks to its built-in joystick, making it perfect for beginner users! Moreover, with this gimbal stabilizer, you’ll be able to shoot effortlessly for hours on end without having to worry about shaky or jittery shots. So it is an ideal product for people who want to shoot smooth and stable videos.

  • Easy to Use
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Foldable
  • Rotatable to 360°
  • Expensive
  • Requires a stand to balance

Sony A7 III Camera Black Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Sony a7 III ILCE7M3B Full-Frame Mirrorless


  • Full 24.2 MP Resolution
  • Bluetooth and NFC Connectivity
  • 1/8000 sec Shutter Speed
  • 3 Inch Touchscreen LCD Monitor
  • Dual SD Card Slots, UHS-II Compatible
  • 1080 60p Video Recording Capacity
  • 5 axis in-body stabilization
  • BIONZ X image processing engine
  • ISO: 100 – 102 400
  • XGA OLED electronic viewfinder


A7 III is Sony’s latest DSLR camera that features the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor, which helps this higher model produce outstanding images with less noise. In addition, this sensor gives you much more light information to work with – especially in low-light conditions – for enhanced image detail. The ISO range starts from 100 and expands up to 102,400. So you can capture exceptional photos and videos even in places too dark to see.


This professional-level camera has a 24MP full-frame Exmor R BSI sensor. Also, it has a maximum resolution of 7360 x 4912 pixels & & an upgraded BIONZ X processor for ultra-fast performance speed and smooth gradations. It also has amazing 4K HDR capabilities. So you can produce incredible cinematic masterpieces with ease.

Sony Alpha a7iii is the first mirrorless camera to come equipped with an unprecedented level of AF system functionality while at the same time boasting stunning image quality thanks to its new back-illuminated CMOS sensor.

This Sony DSLR gives you both speed and accuracy regarding autofocus. Overall, 399 phase detection points cover around 68% of the image area. In short, the camera results in faster focus speeds.

The camera also comes with 693 focal plane phase detection AF points. Meanwhile, the 425 contrast AF points and 169 contrast AF areas for superb performance in both stills and video shooting.

The focusing system also can work with A-mount lenses via an adapter. So you can easily use your existing lenses if you already own them.

There’s no question that the Sony Alpha a7iii is one of the best cameras on the market today. Yet If you want to get the most out of your camera, you need to gimbal it. The best gimbal for your Sony Alpha a7iii will help stabilize your shots and make them look smooth and professional.

Gimbals are especially good for action shots because they can keep up with faster subjects. Sony Alpha a7iii comes with an extremely high megapixel count, stabilization features, and top-of-line autofocus capabilities thanks to phasing detection AF points & contrast AF areas. This advanced mirrorless camera also has amazing 4K HDR capabilities. So you can create beautiful cinematographic masterpieces without losing any clarity or detail. Using the best gimbal for Sony Alpha a7iii will give you the flexibility to shoot cinematic footage wherever you might be because these stabilizers are lightweight and compact – perfect travel companions!

Final Thoughts

The Sony Alpha a7iii is an excellent choice for professionals and enthusiasts – it gives you top-of-the-line features that enable you to create stunning shots, epic videos & masterful cinematography. Its amazing specs include a 24MP full-frame Exmor R BSI sensor, 399 focal plane phase detection AF points, 425 contrast AF points & 169 contrast AF areas.

But if you want to get the absolute best out of your camera. So, you need to use it with a gimbal stabilizer. Therefore, the 3 Axis Gimbal for Sony Alpha A7III is necessary. This is because it offers ultra-smooth stabilization with a simple two-button operation. Thus, all you have to do is press record and go. This lightweight stabilizer works perfectly with your Sony Alpha a7iii and will help you capture breathtaking footage. And it makes your videos look professional and cinematic. Plus, this gimbal gives you the flexibility to take it anywhere because it weighs just 14.8 ounces (420 grams).

Buyers Guide

Several factors affect the performance of a camera stabilizer like Sony A7ii. These things should be kept in mind while buying anything related to the best gimbal for Sony A7ii. Some of these factors are:


The first thing in gimbal you should consider is the device’s portability. And The level of your comfort. Meanwhile, using a camera stabilizer depends upon its portability. Suppose a tool is not convenient to carry around. So, it’ll be nearly impossible to use it with full efficiency. Does portability also include how much space it occupies in our bag or backpack? Another factor about gimbals is the compactness of the battery. Smaller batteries require less space and give better mobility to gimbal users.


Another important thing in the gimbal that one must consider during purchasing a camera stabilizer is weight. The more weight a gimbal can accommodate. So, the better it will be for those on long trips and those planning to travel with it. A lighter product allows you to operate it without any problem or distraction of extra load on your body. Also, it ensures that you don’t lose any opportunity as the gimbal won’t make you tired even after holding it for hours at a stretch.

Battery life

The battery life of the gimbal is important. You should be kept in mind when purchasing a camera stabilizer like Sony A7ii. In other words,if you cannot use your gimbal continuously in full charge, then what’s the point? Several brands advertise their device as being the best gimbal for Sony A7ii, but when you read the specification, it will say that battery life is 4 hours. If this is the case, it’s completely impractical to expect a full day’s worth of work from a single charge.

Built-in screen

Built-in screen gimbal should be in your mind while buying the best stabilizer for Sony a7ii. So, you have to make sure that it has a built-in display. This feature comes in help while setting up the focus and adjusting the settings according to your need before starting the recording process. In other stabilizers, this process becomes difficult. This is because you have to do all these things by guessing or turning on an additional monitor from outside of the camera cage.


The price of the gimbal is the most important that can make or break a sale in this competitive market. Everyone has a budget, and if they want to buy something, they’ll surely find which product fits their budget and fulfills all their requirements. After reading this gimbal buying guide, many hunters watch the price-to-price comparison while searching for the best gimbal for SONY A7ii. We know that everyone wants to buy a product at a reasonable cost that doesn’t compromise performance.

Advance features

There are plenty of advanced features available in modern camera stabilizers. Hence it allows users to get a better experience than basic stabilization only, such as Smooth Track, Curve/Angle Controls, and other features. These features make a product a pro-level stabilizer that works flawlessly with many high-performing cameras like Sony A7ii.

Maximum payload

You have to ensure gimbal while purchasing for the camera. You choose one that has got maximum payload. We all know that if a person uses a DSLR or any other heavier camera with the stabilizer, it will be more difficult to work smoothly. Further, A DSLR with heavy lenses will add more weight on the center axis, so choosing a good quality gimbal that effortlessly holds all this weight will work best for you. Most people overlook this factor, but when they realize how important it is at later stages of event shooting, they’ll surely look for this specification in their next purchase. Nobody wants to stress their arms to avoid awkward movements in live shoots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of balance motor does your camera have?

Suppose you use a DSLR or any other device with no in-camera stabilization. In that case, it’s important to understand whether its body has in-body stabilization (like Sony A7ii) or not. So it helps the lens to compensate for angular motion when hand-holding. On the other hand, suppose your mirrorless, DSLR, or other camera has a lens with in-lens stabilization. In that case, this means the lens compensates for angular motion, and the stabilizer attached to the body doesn’t have to compensate for that. In this case, you can attach a gimbal that uses motors balancing around an axis orthogonal to gravity force.

What is the maximum payload of gimbal for Sony A7ii?

The maximum payload is the weight of the camera and lens system supported by a gimbal. For example, if your camera+lens weight together is 3 pounds or 1.5 kg. So, you have to make sure your gimbal supports at least 1.5 pounds (700 grams). Otherwise, it will not be able to balance these weights properly.

Do I need Gimbal for Sony A7ii, which supports live view remote control?

Live view remote control is necessary to see the framing without modifying the camera position. The live view screen can be attached via gimbal clamps and used as an FPV (First Person View) monitor. Of course, if your primary purpose is photography, then it’s not required at all. Yet, for videography, a live view feed gives a lot of benefits because you don’t have to move the camera to compose or check focus.

Are there any d-tap accessories available that I could attach directly to the gimbal for Sony A7ii?

The D-tap Power output feature may become handy if you need a continuous power supply from a gimbal battery pack. You can plug it straight into a consistent accessory like the VFD-K03 battery mount to provide a power supply.

Is 3-axis gimbal better than 2-axis?

There is no unquestionable answer for this question as it depends on the camera model and personal preference. It’s more about the desired stabilization quality and what you can afford. For most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, 2-axis gimbals will be good enough because they provide super smooth motion and don’t require any complicated production for removing shakiness. Yet, if you shoot with a professional camera like Sony A7ii, it’s recommended to go for higher quality models like Zhiyun Crane V2 or DJI Ronin-SC. These modern gimbals have a 3-axis factor for your shoots.

Is your camera powered on or off when mounted on the stabilizer?

There are two kinds of stabilizers available in the market as of now:    

  • Gimbal stabilizers work by moving all three axes at once. In short, we call them 3-axis gimbals.
  • The motorized handles control only the pitch and roll axis; we call them 2-axis handheld stabilizers (pan and tilt ).

You can find several brands these days that offer both gimbal and pan/tilt stabilizers. Yet, if you use a handheld stabilizer that uses motors, turn off your camera—at the same time, attaching or removing it because it stays powered on. Thus, there is a high chance of damaging your lenses while mounting them.

Is Sony a7iii can be used as a dash cam?

The Sony a7iii is a popular camera for many reasons, but one question we often get asked is whether or not it can be used as a dash cam. The answer is yes! The Sony a7iii has all the features you need to make an excellent dash cam, including 4K video recording, great low-light performance, and built-in image stabilization.


Many articles talk about the A7III and the best lenses, but not much on specific gimbals. I’ve tested many gimbals now, all with their pros and cons, which I’ve listed above.

Gimbal technology has advanced in recent years, allowing us to shoot stable video footage using lighter cameras. I personally use a DJI RSC 2 with OLED- it’s expensive. But it’s the cheapest way to get an accurate camera framing solution. Yet, you can go for the cheaper gimbal models for Sony AZIII like MOZA Aircross 2, Zhiyun WEEBIL, or DJI Ronin-SC.

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