Best Controller For Xbox Series X 2022

You need the Best Controller For Xbox Series X is necessary if you want to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. XBOX SERIES X by Microsoft, is a gaming console brand that provides gaming enthusiasts with high definition 4K ultra resolutions, up to 120 FPS, and 8K high dynamic range.

BEST Controller FOR XBOX SERIES X 2021

These features make the Xbox series X the fastest and most powerful Xbox ever built. Also, It is comes with AMD’s Zen 2 products that give every animation a realistic look. SOC along with Xbox velocity architecture makes the gaming experience super faster.

Its 1TB customized SSD boosts up the performance of Xbox. The advanced vertical cooling system has three airflow channels that distribute the heat equally to keep the console quiet and cool. Now, with the new consoles coming, one might forget the most important part of a tremendous gaming experience: a new controller.

The Xbox Series X controller is the most popular next-generation gaming controller that people prefer using over any others. People who own an Xbox do not need to buy a separate gaming controller for their PCs, as they can use this same Xbox series X controller with their PC and enjoy playing games with it.

When it comes to high-end gaming for pro gamers, another important element of gaming you have to keep under consideration is the controller. For multiplayer first-person shooter games like CS-GO, the requirement of a good controller cannot be denied. It is very important to have a handy controller with smooth buttons and good connectivity.

Gaming companies focuses a lot on controller quality these days to offer a more realistic gaming experience. Microsoft has focused a lot on providing the best wireless controllers to its users.

Top 5 Best Controller For Xbox Series X

Nowadays, many tech companies are focusing on producing suitable controllers that fulfill a gaming enthusiast’s requirement. Xbox series X controllers come in many different colors and specifications that might improve your gaming ability. Below is the list of 5 Best Controller for Xbox series X:

  1. Xbox Core Controller – Robot White Turtle
  2. Elite Series 2 Controller – Black
  3. SCUF Prestige
  4. Razer Wolverine Ultimate
  5. Razer Atrox For Xbox

Xbox Core Controller – Robot White Turtle

Xbox Core Controller - Robot White Turtle

The model Robot White turtle is one of the best and unbeatable wireless controller experiences of Xbox gaming. The modernized design of White Turtle Xbox controller features sculpted surface and refined geometry for enhanced gaming experience on Xbox series X. It comes with the textured padding on its handles and back to get a better grip of the controller during a game play.

Robot White Turtle has a hybrid D-pad for better and accurate input. You can customize the button mapping in White turtle by using the Xbox accessories app. You can also plug in your headset on the controller which enables you to get the comfort you deserve.  

Moreover, It puts you at advantage because it makes you hear the slightest of sounds like enemy steps approaching from behind or a distant vehicle approaching or the reload sound of a fun before a potential ambush like Valhalla in Xbox. All this is possible with the all new White Turtle Xbox controller.

Lastly, It includes the Xbox wireless and Bluetooth technology enabling you to connect with and support consoles, Windows 10, tablets and android devices. By its new share button, you can endlessly capture and share moments like screenshots, clips and more. You can also review Best Ps4 Controller for Fps.

Xbox Core Controller – Robot White Turtle Features:

  • Modernized Design
  • Refined Geometry
  • Enhanced Comfort and Effortless Control
  • Textured Grip
  • New Hybrid D-Pad Input
  • Customizing Button Mapping

Elite Series 2 Controller – Black

Elite Series 2 Controller – Black

The Elite Series 2 controller – Black is specially designed for Xbox gaming experience. It has an enhanced performance for both series X/S and Xbox one. It offers phenomenal performance for Xbox gaming consoles and easy wireless connectivity.

The Elite Controller is a life saver for Xbox gaming and an absolute marvel. The entire controller is designed with the best ever material for a phenomenal gaming experience.  It has customized back pedal that gives the best grip ever, high-quality triggers for improved gaming tactics and compatibility, and special thumb sticks to enable the gamer with even the best ever gameplay.

The series 2 controller has a lot of customization options available in case the gamers want to put it the way it if required. This compatible model supports customization options which lead to advanced gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts.

A major issue faced by the Xbox console player using a controller is its battery life and connectivity. It is such an important feature that cannot be ignored at any cost. This model comes with an amazing 40-hour long battery life for extended gaming sessions. The Bluetooth connectivity is remarkable in this controller. Headsets can be connected via a port given on the controller for your ease and comfort to have a gaming experience like never before. we have another review for Best PS4 Controllers 2022.

Elite Series 2 Controller – Black Feature:

  • Interchangeable Joystick and Paddle Shapes
  • Limitless Customization            
  • Up To 40 Hours of Rechargeable Battery
  • Xbox Accessories App Support
  • Compatible With Xbox One and X Series, Windows 10

SCUF Prestige

SCUF Prestige

SCUF Prestige gaming controllers have been approved by Microsoft to provide serious gaming enthusiasts with better quality and comfort. These are one of the officially licensed gaming controllersfor Xbox series X/S and Xbox one. It has a phenomenal control system that puts all the controls right over your fingertips. The body is made up of grip layers to face all the rigorous problems in day to day gaming session routines. The layered grip provides the end user with ease and comfort which they need for long weekend gaming sessions. It also prevents the controller from slipping off the hands.

The most innovative feature in this product is the back control function. The gamers are provided with 4 buttons on the back side of the controller for extreme grip over the game and can be mapped to 14 controller functions. (Including Left stick, right stick, A, B, X, Y, D-pad, left bumper, right bumper, menu and view).

The trigger stops can be used during intense gaming as it has a very quick response in case of an enemies ambush or a gun fight. By using hair triggers, you can adjust the trigger pull on your controller according to your requirement. It might not be a huge position shift but a slight change in angle. Lastly, You can customize the controller’s look with a removable magnetic faceplate.. The thumb sticks are also interchangeable. 

SCUF Prestige Features:

  • Reconfigured With Faceplate
  • SCUF Prestige Wireless Controller with 4 Paddles
  • Adjustable Distance of the Trigger Pull
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • High-Performance Layer

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

A controller product by Razer Company, manufactured with the aim to design the ultimate best controller for Xbox which can be easily adapted by any pro gamer. The company started with an optimized ergonomics technique to make it a comfortable experience for the gamers after hours of practicing. Likewise, the feature of interchangeable parts for user adaptability was also focused during the designing of the controller. Razer Chroma lights, this controller is all light up when you use it which gives it an aesthetic look for users who like RGB colors in gaming PC consoles.

Get the most comfortable and perfect fit in your hands with the option of interchangeable thumb sticks and two D-pads. Also, it has a customizable sticks. So you can adjust height and shape according the users requirement for a comfortable gameplay experience. You can also showcase your lighting Chroma effects and stunning profiles which is also customizable through the Razer Synapse for Xbox.

Turn the feature on and enjoy the lighting effects react to your gameplay. The all new Razer Wolverine ultimate comes with loaded control options and extra buttons for advanced gaming. Two remappable, multi functioning bumpers along with 4 multi-function triggers and quick control panel are provided to get controls at your fingertips.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Features:

  • Interchangeable Thumbsticks and D Pads
  • Optimized Thumbstick Heights
  • Quick Control Panel
  • Multi-Function Bumpers
  • Comfortable After Hours of Practice

Razer Atrox for Xbox

Razer AtroxFor Xbox

Arcade games have been the pillars of gaming industries for years. It has come a long way since its golden days and even now, the thought of it makes one nostalgic. It paved the way to a modern era of gaming. This is the approach took by Razer to come up with a brilliant arcade stick for Xbox to unleash the true fighting madness.

Moreover, This arcade stick engineered and refined through countless techniques using prototypes and beta testing. All the 10 buttons and joysticks are fully interchangeable and customized on a single touch. Forged from the fires of ultra-arcade gaming legacy, Razer Atrox for Xbox is the most bred-to-fight gaming controller ever made for Xbox.

The Razer Atrox Arcade Stick is a tournament-grade fighting device built to enhance your fighting techniques on Xbox. Also, it allows you to maintain peak performance and premium quality Sanwa components.

Modding enthusiasts have an upper hand for buying this arcade stick as it offers interchangeable parts to modify your stick. You can change the design of the top panel or customize it for your own use. For advanced configurations, the internal component side has ahoney comb structure to reach every corner easily.

Razer AtroxFor Xbox Features:

  • 10x Highly Responsive Buttons and 8-Way Joystick
  • Customize the Joystick and Buttons
  • Internal Storage Compartments
  • Fully Mod-Capable Construction
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Buyers guide:

Interchangeable parts:

It is a very important feature as many gamers face issues regarding difficult control and adaptability. To make your gaming experience as smooth and playful as ever, it is very important to have room for some adjustments in your controller.

Quick Controls:

Quick controls to pause the game, mute the microphone or power gear buttons for intense games.


The comfort of controller should be a priority for gamers having long gaming sessions. Also, The controller must fit properly in the hands. It should be lightweight and easy to grip. Avoid slippery controllers and buy the textured layered ones.


The battery timing of the controller should be incredible. If you have a gaming session of more than 10 hours a day. So, It is important that your controller gives the best performance in the least charging timings.

Wireless connectivity:

No one likes a controller with a wire. Wireless controllers are more comfortable and easy to deal with and allow you to move easily without getting confined by its wire.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Best Controller for Xbox Series X?

  • Xbox Core Controller – Robot White Turtle
  • Elite Series 2 Controller – Black
  • SCUF Prestige
  • Razer Wolverine Ultimate
  • Razer Atrox For Xbox

Is The Xbox Series X Worth It?

The Xbox Series X is indeed a powerful console. Also, it has a lot to offer, with impressive graphics and a large game selection.

Do SCUF Controllers Worth It In 2022?

Indeed it’s worth purchasing SCUF controllers. One of the biggest advantages is switching back to your gun faster than the opponent in a build battle. Also, you can add a third paddle.

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