Best Cheap tablets for PUBG 2022

PUBG’s mobile game took over the industry, and other companies have followed suit. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is the most popular game of 2022. is a battle royale in which 100 players jump into an Island using parachutes, and their ultimate goal is to be the last person standing. You have a variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from and lots of towns to loot.

Best Cheap tablets for PUBG

PUBG Mobile is the newest mobile game that has taken over from similar games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. However, it turns out you can have a good time playing on your phone instead! But after PUBG’s Mobile release on March 23, 2017, it now stands as proof that mobile games can compete with other gaming platforms.
The success of this game demonstrates the versatility and popularity of video games across all device formats!

As the island is so big, to find your enemy is where all the tactical appeal kicks in. You can use both male and female characters for use and earn game points by which you can buy new outfits for your character.

The last person to survive is given the “Chicken Dinner,” which emphasizes that the winner has enough money to buy a good meal. PUBG mobile took the gaming industry by storm and reached 600 Million downloads worldwide.

Gaming enthusiasts love to play it on their mobile phones, but the screen is always too small. As a result, people started shifting towards tablets in order to have a better screen size to play. PUBG mobile is a big game, and not every device supports it.

Top 8 best cheap tablets for PUBG

Now, we will discuss the best cheap tablets available in the market for gaming enthusiasts in order to have a gaming experience like never before. The list is:

  1. Dragon Touch Max Tablet
  2. Lenovo Smart Tab P10 10.1” Android Tablet
  3. Lenovo Tab M10
  4. Vankyo Matrix Pad S20
  5. JXD S192K Singularity
  6. MABERRY Android 10.0 Tablet
  7. DUODUOGO 2 in 1 Tablet 10 Inch Android 9.0
  8. VANKYO Matrix Pad S30

Dragon Touch Max Tablet


The Dragon Touch Max10 comes with the latest Android 10.0 operating system, which is smarter and faster than ever before – it will adapt to you as a user! There are no unexpected ads or bloatware apps on this device either, so expect nothing but pure efficiency from start-to-finish accessibility. The NotePad Max10 is a 10 inch Wi-Fi Android tablet with GPS capability. Powered by an Octa-Core processor and 3GB of RAM, this family-friendly device provides superior entertainment for everyone in your household!

The dragon is an ultra-powerful octa-core tablet with a 10’’ inch display and GPS capability. This tablet offers a 64-bit octa-core processor to its users for advanced operations and games like PUBG. If You want to buy the Best Cheap tablets for PUBG, we recommend this tablet to you.

This 10-inch tablet has a built-in memory of 32GB and supports up to 128GB micro SD to expand the memory. The screen resolution 1920 x 1200 Full HD is ideal for viewing enemies more clearly from a distance. A 2.5D glass IPS touch screen never misses your finger touch to shoot in PUBG.

Features & Specs:

  • Screen display size: 10.1 Inches
  • Max Screen Resolution: 1920×1200
  • Memory Speed: 1.6 GHz
  • Wireless Type: 802.11bgn
  • Number of Port: 1
  • Average Battery Life: 6 Hours
  • Item Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Processor Count: 8
  • Computer Memory Type: DDR3
  • Flash Memory Size: 32 GB
  • Pros
  • Decent internal hardware
  • Metalic Style Rear Panel
  • Fast Type-C Charging
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • Cons
  • Poor Quality Case

Lenovo Smart Tab P10

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 10.1”

This tablet has won the best innovation award. Lenovo P10 comes with the QUALCOMM snapdragon processor for increased performance and speed. It has a 4GB ram that helps it to run functions quickly and boosts game performance. The storage can be increased to 256 GB using a micro SD card.

High definition display is given to its user to get every detail on the screen. For a gaming enthusiast, finding the enemy on the screen and knowing its location is very important. It helps the gamer spot its enemies through distance and provide high frame rates on its 10.1’’ screen.

Lenovo P10 has great inbuilt speakers that provide the true gaming experience for a Players Unknown Battleground’s gamer. The surround sound 4 speakers offer bomber audio.

Features and specs:

  • Screen display size: 10.1 Inches
  • Max Screen Resolution: 1920×1200 Pixels
  • Graphics Coprocessor: Integrated Graphics
  • Number of USB: 2.0 Ports 1
  • Average Battery Life: 5 Hours
  • Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Item Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Processor Brand: Qualcomm
  • Processor Count: 8
  • Flash Memory Size: 64 GB
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
  • Pros
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Long-Lasting 700mah Battery
  • Powerful Dock Speaker
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • USB C-Type
  • Cons
  • No Google Assistant Support

Lenovo Tab M10

Lenovo Tab M10 HD 10.1

Lenovo’s product tablet offers a high-performing QUALCOMM Snapdragon 429 processor, quad-core, and supports fast connection up to 2.5 GHz via Wi-Fi dual bands. Fast connection plays a very key role for streamers and gamers of PUBG as their Wi-Fi connectivity is important for a smooth gaming experience without any lag.

Lenovo M10 is slim in shape and comes with a beautiful 10.1’’ High definition screen display and touch sensitivity feature. It contains 2 speakers on the front for games and videos to feel out of this world. The storage can be increased up to 256 GB with the use of a Micro SD card.

For a game like PUBG, high-performing tablets like Lenovo M10 are made to give its user an experience like never before.

Features and specs:

  • Processor: MediaTek, Octa-core,
  • Operating System: Android 9 Pie
  • Display: 10.1.’’
  • Memory: Up to 4GB
  • Storage: Up to 64GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Dual-band
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Security: Face Unlock
  • Audio: 2 speakers Dolby Atmos
  • Camera Rear: 8MPs, Front: 5MP f
  • Weight: 460g
  • Pros
  • Full HD Display
  • Robust Performance
  • Android 8.1
  • Attractive Design
  • Cons
  • Weak Base Speaker
  • Average Battery Timing

VANKYO MatrixPad S20

The matrix Pad S20 is an excellent android tablet for gaming purposes. It comes with an Octa-core 64-bit processor for high functioning and 3 GB ram for increased performance. The tablet offers quick app launches, smooth games, and videos with the operating system Android 9.0 pie.       

Vankyo S20 has a 1280 x 800 10’’ inch HD screen IPS display with 2.5D curved glass for clear and crisp visuals during the game. The S20 offers a true-to-life viewing experience from every angle.

Lightweight and slim metallic design make it easy for the gamer to handle it for a long gaming session of PUBG. Expandable memory of 32/64 GB and a micro SD card for storage up to 128 GB expansion. The 6000mAh battery gives an entertainment session up to 10 hours of continuous gaming. You can power it up with a Type-C port charging. If Someone wants to buy the Best Cheap tablets for PUBG, he should look at this tablet.

Features and specs:

  • Screen display size: 10.1 Inches
  • Max Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Number of USB: 2.0 Ports 1
  • Average Battery Life: 11 Hours
  • Hardware Platform Android: 9.0 Pie
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Processor Brand: Spreadtrum
  • Computer Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM
  • Flash Memory Size: 32 GB
  • Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries
  • Pros
  • Fast Processor
  • Lag-Free Screen Scrolling
  • Latest Android 9
  • Easy to Setup
  • One Day Battery Time
  • Cons
  • Few People Complained Touch is Extremely Sensitive
  • No Start or Shut Down Buzz

JXD S192K Singularity

JXD S192K Singularity

This product by JXD is not a tablet but a controller shaped gaming device with an HD display of 7 inches. The IPS screen of 1920 x 1200 is installed for a better visual experience. It has a quad-core processor and 4 GB ram for increased performance.

A powerful battery of 10,000 mAh provides an ease to its user for long gaming sessions and works up to 5 hours. However, this controller is specifically made for gaming purposes but has the same experience as a mobile.

The main reason behind shifting from mobile to tablets in PUBG was the screen size. This product comes with the same size as that of a mobile thus cannot provide its user the satisfaction that comes from a tablet.

The JXD singularity has every feature that a PUBG player demands except for the most critical one; the screen size.

Features and specs:

  • Screen display size: 7 Inches
  • Max Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Graphics Coprocessor: RK3288
  • Average Battery Life: 5 Hours
  • Operating System Android: 5.1 Lollipop
  • Item Weight: 2.14 pounds
  • Processor Brand: ARM Cortex-A17
  • Computer Memory Type: DDR3
  • Flash Memory Size: 64 GB
  • Pros
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Bright Colors
  • Very Handy
  • High-Quality ALP Joy Sticks
  • Amazing Battery Timing
  • Cons
  • Little Bit Expensive
  • Uncertain Security Patches

MABERRY 10″ Ultra-Fast

Android 10.0 Tablet : MEBERRY 10 Best Cheap tablets for PUBG

This tablet comes in a package that includes a Bluetooth keyboard, 2.4G wireless mouse, Type-C USB adapter, capacitive pen, and Type-C data cable. It has a 4 GB ram for quick operations and 64 GB internal storage with an upgradable memory option up to 128GB via micro SD card.

A screen resolution of 1280 x 800 IPS for high definition gaming. This 10’’ inch screen helps find the enemy behind the bushes or a snake in the grass of PUBG Island.

It has a powerful battery of 8000 mAh lasting up to 7-8 hours and a 30-day life when put on stand-by. Also, dual surround sound speakers at the front for elite audio experience in PUBG can easily locate the direction of enemy footsteps.

The exceptional feature it gives is that it can be used both as a mobile and an emulator. If you are tired of playing it over the screen, connect the other accessories, and play using a mouse and a keyboard.

Features & Specs:

  • Screen display size: 10 Inches
  • Max Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Graphics Coprocessor: Octa-core
  • Average Battery Life: 8 Hours
  • Operating System: Android 10.0
  • Item Weight: 1.08 pounds
  • Computer Memory Type: DDR3
  • Flash Memory Size: 64 GB
  • Power Source: Lithium-ion Battery
  • Pros
  • Package Includes Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Support
  • HD 1080p Resolution
  • Metal Rear and Front Design
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Cons
  • Few People Faced Network Problem in Hilly Areas


DUODUOGO 2 in 1 Tablet 10 Inch Android 9.0

2 in 1 Tablet 10 inch Android 9.0 Best Cheap tablets for PUBG

Coming with an operating system Android 9.0 Pie, this tablet has the latest technology for high performance and compatibility. The device comes with a 64-bit quad-core processor and extra space for ROM up to 128 GB (Upgradable). The system ensures that the game is running smoothly.

High definition graphics of 1280 x 800 IPS are provided for a better visual experience. To prevent the game from lagging, this screen offers high frames per second to have a PUBG experience out of this world.

The tablet also comes with accessories like a keyboard and mouse that makes it usable as an emulator. PUBG can be played on both the screens and connected accessories one at a time.

Features & Specs:

  • Screen display size: 10 Inches
  • Max Screen Resolution: 1920×1200
  • Memory Speed: 1.5 GHz
  • Graphics Card Ram Size: 64
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Average Battery Life: 8 Hours
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Rear Webcam Resolution: 64 Lines Per Inch
  • Processor: MediaTek
  • Flash Memory Size: 128 GB
  • Power Source: AC & Battery
  • Pros
  • Package Includes Stylus, Protective Case, and Keyboard
  • Stylish Design
  • Budget-Friendly
  • You Can Use It Both Tablet and Tablet
  • Cons
  • Not for Fortnite

VANKYO MatrixPad S30

Vankyo S30 is a 10’’ inch tablet that gives a blistering performance with a powerful octa-core processor, 1.5 GHz, and a 3 GB ram. It consumes less power and provides greater efficiency.

The latest version of OS android pie 9.0 allows you to optimize your device and fully control the system. Get rid of the unnecessary ads and download PUBG from the play store. 

It comes with a 10.1’’ inch 1920 x 1200 IPS screen delivering extra details—dual speakers at the front for advanced PUBG experience to track the enemy location. A long-lasting battery of 6000mAh gives you an average gameplay session of 10 hours. Its battery gives great importance to this tablet who want to buy the Best Cheap tablets for PUBG also we are providing reviews on the gaming laptop under 2000. 

Features and specs:

  • Screen size: 10 Inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Pixels
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Average Battery Life: 10 Hours
  • Operating System: Android 9 Pie
  • Item Weight: 2.59 pounds
  • Rear Webcam Resolution: 13 MP
  • Processor: Count 8
  • Storage Capacity: 32 GB
  • Power Source: AC & Battery
  • Pros
  • 10 Inches 1920×1200 Pixels IPS display
  • Octa-Core Processor
  • Long-Lasting 6000mAh Battery
  • Solid Aluminum and Glass Build
  • Cons
  • No Fingerprint Scanner

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Buyers Guide for Best Cheap tablets for PUBG

Below are some important factors you should consider before buying a tablet for PUBG:

Screen Size:  

Tablets are divided into 3 categories of size:

  • Small 7-9 inches
  • Medium 9-11 inches
  • Large 11-13 inches

The larger the screen is, the greater the price tag will be. But it is very important to look for the size you need, which improves your work or adds value to your usability. 


The resolution required to enjoy the game at its full is 1080p for better display and higher refresh rate.


The battery timing is very important, depending on your use.


Connectivity can sometimes be a major problem for users. Make sure the Bluetooth version supports the latest technology, and the USB ports must be 3.0. HDMI and other ports are important for high resolution and high audio quality.


If we talk about snapdragon processors, the minimum requirement for decent gameplay is Snapdragon 670. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Are the Best Cheap Tablets for PUBG in 2022?

  • Dragon Touch Max Tablet for PUBG
  • Lenovo Smart Tab P10 10.1” Android Tablet
  • Lenovo Tab M10
  • Vankyo Matrix Pad S20 Cheap Tablet
  • JXD S192K Singularity
  • MABERRY 10.0 inches Android Tablet for PUBG
  • DUODUOGO 2 in 1 Tablet 10 Inch Android 9.0

How Much Ram Do I Need in A PUBG Tablet?

Nowadays the 4GB is the minimum Ram for tablets, which is enough to run the PUBG smoothly. But If you want extreme performance, then go for the tab, which has 8GB of ram. Keep one thing in mind it will also increase the cost.

Does Ram Affect the FPS?

Yes, the ram has a direct connection with FPS. The higher ram means better FPS.