Best 2 in 1 Laptops For Drawing 2022

Comfort, ease, and efficiency are the three factors that advanced gadgets circulate. Therefore, we have smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and various other smart devices that have made our work easier than it was before. Similarly, it has broadened up our imagination, created complex and complicated things possible by featuring multiple qualities in a single device. As a result, you can use such devices for academic, work, and numerous other purposes. Similarly, the best 2 in 1 laptops for drawing has brought a revolution in Arts.  

Best 2 in 1 Laptops For Drawing

Digital arts and, in general, drawing, sketching, and tracing have become easier with touch screen laptops for drawing purposes. Most of them even include a pen which makes the drawing part easier than ever. You can effortlessly draw characters or sketch by easily adjusting your laptop. 2 in 1 laptop are sleek, lightweight, portable, and power-efficient. You may find critics against 2 in 1 laptop that are not as efficient and compatible as single laptops. With such critics, you need to know that 2 in 1 laptop are designed to put all the features in a thin profile. 

How can 2 in 1 laptop be used for drawing purposes  

For multiple drawing tasks, PC can create hardships and hurdles. You can have a better and much more effective performance with the robust touch screen design of the 2 in 1 laptop. They are available in different ranges for the performance, design, and price of the computer.  

In this brief article, you will view and get information regarding different 2 in 1 laptop. The given laptops are tested and inspected, making them pass all the quality and good performance tests. Therefore, you can have an improved and quality performance with these convertible and detachable laptops. These laptops will help you level up your drawing game and make it easier than it was before.

Top-Fated 2 in 1 laptop For Drawing

2 in 1 laptop come at different designs and prices. They are particularly designed to provide an efficient work pace. Hence, the quality and features of the computer depending on your medium and work. Besides, these laptops are portable, easy to carry around, and best of all it has a remarkable battery.  

  1. HP Pavilion 2-in-1 Laptop for Drawing
  2. Microsoft Surface Laptop
  3. HP Envy 2 in 1 Laptop for Drawing
  4. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2-in-1 laptop
  5. Dell XPS 9370 Touchscreen Laptop

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Let’s get to the best 2 in 1 laptop for artists so that you can choose an appropriate notebook that fits your needs. 

HP Pavilion 2-in-1 Laptop for Drawing

HP Pavilion x360 14 Convertible

HP Pavilion is convertible and easily converts from laptop mode to tablet. This can easily switch to stand or tent mode for note-taking, drawing, and other tasks and activities that feel incredibly natural. This amazing laptop is lightweight and compact, which makes it perfectly portable and easy to carry along. Besides, this laptop ensures quality performance and a great experience. 

BIOS recovery and protection feature of this laptop makes it unique. It allows you to Automatically the health of your PC. Moreover, it protects unauthorized access to your system and secures local storage. Furthermore, this laptop has the quality to recover itself from boot-up issues, which is awesome. Additionally, it has long-lasting battery life that is up to 9 hours and 15 minutes (mixed usage), 6 hours and 45 minutes (video playback), 9 hours and 45 minutes (wireless streaming), 0 to 50% charge in 45 minutes with HP fast charge.  

With a 14.0-inch diagonal full HD screen display, you will have a great drawing experience. Besides, it includes some other features such as IPS, micro-edge, WLED-backlit, multi-touch feature, and many more. A fascinating thing is the edge-to-edge glass touch screen display which allows you to have a full-screen display. Moreover, the f10th Generation Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-1035G1, Quad-Core processor makes it perfect for multiple tasks. It has a 1.0 GHz base frequency and up to 3.6  

 HP Pavilion 2-in-1 Laptop for Drawing Features

  • Fast charging
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 14 inches HD screen
  • Edge-to-edge screen display
  • WLED-backlit
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Microsoft Surface Laptop

_Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The laptop that has the potential and capabilities to deliver extraordinary performance is all you need, and with this Microsoft laptop, you will have a great experience. This laptop is intended to provide you with ease and comfort. It is made of the finest craftsmanship and quality that will last for a longer span. Moreover, it is easy to use and carry along because it is lightweight and portable.  

Furthermore, Intel Core i7-8650U Quad-Core Processor provides fast operation and speeds up the process. With a 13.5″ 2256 x 1504 PixelSense Touchscreen, you will be able to have a clear and vibrant display of images and other visuals. Additionally, it includes 512GB of Solid-State Drive and 16GB RAM. This laptop is available in various colors. 

Laptops such as this one has an elegant design which makes them more appealing. The thin and light design Starts at just 2.76 pounds and easily fits in your bag. You are going to admire the Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 of this amazing Laptop. Moreover, it has connectivity features such as Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi.

Microsoft Surface Laptop features

  • Lightweight
  • 13.5-pixel screen display
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Portable
  • Fast operation

HP Envy 2 in 1 Laptop for Drawing

_HP Envy X360, 15.6 FHD IPS Touchscreen

Featuring top-notch display quality is not every laptop’s former task, but this amazing laptop will have it all. This item is made of the finest craftsmanship and high-quality material that will accompany you for a longer time. Besides, it is super easy and convenient for drawing purposes. You can easily maintain and carry it with yourself. Furthermore, you will admire the battery life of this laptop because it allows you to work for a prolonged duration without having to charge it again and again.  

This convertible laptop has 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 SDRAM storage which is great. Furthermore, you can also expend it. It has a 256GB PCle Solid State Drive that can make things possible for you. A fascinating thing about this unique laptop is that it is available at a reasonable cost and possesses all the great quality and features you require for drawing purposes.  

You can have easy connectivity through wireless connections and external ports. Besides, it has an X360 15: 15.6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Touchscreen WLED Display that allows you to have clear and vibrant visuals. The Impressive color and clarity of AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 Graphics Integrated make it even better. This laptop can be a perfect present for your loved ones.

HP Envy 2 in 1 Laptop for Drawing Features

  • 8 GB RAM
  • Longer battery life
  • 15.6 inches screen
  • External ports
  • Fast touch

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2-in-1 Laptop

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2-in-1

Draw with the extraordinary Samsung notebook nine pro and get incredible results. This laptop is highly recommended by experts and is one of the most efficient so far. It will execute your work easily and quickly. Moreover, you will adore the fast and smooth touch of this great laptop. You can handle it both as a laptop and turn it back to make it a tablet. Besides, it comes in really good packaging, and the packaging includes a touch screen pen as well.  

An Intel Core i7 processor makes your laptop fast and provides seamless running of programs which is awesome. In addition, this laptop comes with a 13.3-inch FHD display with a touchscreen panel that simplifies various operations of the computer. It is extremely lightweight and durable. The compressed size and slender design make it perfectly portable. This Samsung Notebook 9 Pro appears with a 512GB hard drive for data storage and a backlit keyboard that allows easy operation in the dark. 

To get brilliant results and performance, you will require a 2 in 1 laptop such as this one. It will support you to be even more creative and explore yourself and your art without any limitations. This item can be a great present for your friends and family members that are close to you.  Also we have review of Best 17-inch Laptops.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2-in-1 Laptop Features

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 13.3 inches screen
  • Compatible
  • 512 GB hard drive
  • Easy to use

Dell XPS 9370 Touchscreen Laptop 

Dell XPS 9370

This touchscreen laptop Has the smoothest touch you will ever experience. It is easy for you and is well-constructed and beautifully designed to provide you with greater services. Moreover, it has great craftsmanship and is highly recommended. You can easily use it for multiple purposes such as office work, presentations, games, and drawing purposes. This item is an extraordinary laptop that enables you to have a clear and vibrant display. The visuals are so clear that none of the ordinary laptops can compete with this laptop. In addition, the computer has 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB hard drive which makes it the best laptop-tablet for drawing.  

13.3-inch Ultra Sharp Touchscreen Display (3840 x 2160) with Intel HD Graphics makes the characters and images on your screen come to life. Besides, it has a 4K Ultra HD Infinity Edge screen, allowing you to have a clear vision of the entire screen. This super-light laptop weighs only 2.85 pounds which makes it extremely convenient for day-to-day activities and drawings. Additionally, it has great battery life and will not disappoint you. You can use this convertible laptop for hours and still have a good battery. This laptop only requires one lithium-ion battery.  

Dell XPS 9370 Touchscreen Laptop Features

  • 13.3 inches screen
  • Lightweight
  • Weights: 2.85 pounds
  • Fast touch
  • 16 GB RAM

What is a 2 in 1 laptop? 

A 2 in 1 laptop is a detachable or convertible touchscreen laptop that you can use for multiple purposes. It has made many tasks and professions way easier than it was before. In addition, it is portable and lightweight, which makes it perfect. 

Are 2 in 1 laptop expensive? 

The 2 in 1 laptop can range in price depending on the features and performance of the computer itself. This item is because the processor executes an essential role in the efficient implementation of the computer. Therefore, you can estimate the price depending on your work and the functionality of the processor.  

Is 2 in 1 laptop worth it? 

The 2 in 1 laptop provides an efficient working pace because it is easy to use, lightweight, portable, compact, convertible, and extremely compatible in many ways. 

Features to look for when choosing 2 in 1 laptop for drawing 

Selecting a 2 in 1 laptop can be easier if you consider certain factors. The guide beneath will assist you in finding a perfect laptop for yourself. Check the given guide. 


The battery is one of the most influential factors that directly influence your work. A long-lasting battery will allow you to proceed with your work for longer hours. Therefore, you need to choose a laptop that has great battery life to work and perform efficiently.  

Touch Speed 

The basic thing for 2 in 1 laptop is the touch feature, and you don’t want it to be irritatingly slow. So, you need to make sure the touch Speed Is fast and smooth to perform your work easily.  


Although 2 in 1 laptop are designed to provide versatility, some laptops are designed to perform specific functions. Therefore, choose the ones that are versatile so that you can perform various tasks. 

Wireless connectivity 

Laptops that allow connectivity of various devices are better than the ones that don’t. You can easily connect any device to the laptops that support connectives such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and numerous others. 

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