Asus Rog Strix B550 ( Motherboard ) Review 2022

AMD launched Ryzen 3000 series processors last year. Its robust and heavy-duty hardware launches ever in gaming history. Asus always aimed to offer a budget-friendly platform. The Rog Strix B55–F gaming cost you around $2009 for maybe less than $20 less for the non-Wi-Fi version, but still many appreciable features.

Firstly Asus Strix 55 products consist of 11 various boards, which started B550M-A with the price bracket of $134 and up to B550-E gaming for $279. You got several board options ranging from Strix, prima, and TUF. Lastly, the lineup comes with Mini-ATX, Micro-ATX, and ATX form factor to support the Ryzen Hardware. 

Standing on the top of the Asus B550 series, the B550-F gaming comes with 14 phase power delivery, an integrated WIFi-6, high-quality audio, heat Singh supported M2 slots, and 2.5 GB LAN.

ASUS ROG Strix B550

During the test, we found out that B550-F Wi-Fi Capabilities are quite impressive compared to the other competitors in the market. We didn’t notice anything legging during our stock run. The combination of default stock set the B550 providers 4.6 gigahertz clock speed without problem WIFI lagging. Ryzen 9 3900X 4 x ddr4 Ram provides the memory speed of 1: 1.  

When it comes to the audio capability, the 1220 audio code from Realtek delivers high quality. You may not believe it, but The B in the B550 represents that the series is for budget-friendly consumers.

B550 Chipset

AMD is not just launching the budget-friendly processor, but also it offers a budget Chipset. B550 Is a 3.0 Gen PCI-E link for the processor. In other words, the interlinking shows that the connection between the CPU and the chipset is running via four 3 gen lanes. With four additional Gen 4.0 lines from the CPU, you can add extra NvMe to PCI-e 4.0 slot, which will go well with their graphic card. 

Furthermore, you can in telling the NvMe M2 SSD through the PCI-e four Gen and graphic card. 

The processor manages the 4.0 and PCI slots. Everything is connected with 3.0 PCI-E which is a significant update in the series.

Ryzen 3000 Series 

Although AMD has been making processors for a very long time, the real revolution begins in the ryzen 3000 series and B550 chipset. Ryzen 3000 series processors have a total of 24 PCI-E lanes. Out of 24, the four are used to interconnect the chipset, while the rest of the 20 are for other utilization. You can use the x16 and x8 for the graphic card connectivity. Four more lanes are used to connect to the PCI-E Nvme SSD for the ultra-fast storage speed. The 8x links of PCI-E 4 Gen are equal to the x16 of the PCI-E Gen 3.0. AMD has introduced a 3.20 gen 2 USB port to support your processor, which means you can get up to the four 10 GB per second speed.

B550 Gaming Showcase

ASUS utilized the Aorus Master B 550. The motherboard comes with R 2.5 G Ethernet check controller with 14 virtual phases (12+2), six dual phases are cooled by the heat sinks. Mechanically, you get x16 ( 3x PCI-E x4, 3x PCI-E x1, and 1x PCI-E 4.0 x16) along with the 2x M.2. On the IO panel you get up 1 X USB C type 1 X USB a type for USB A-type 3.0 to USB A-type 2.0 5x Jack and 2.5 GB (Intel 225). For the video output, you get an HDMI output and the BIOS flashback button if you want to update the software without the processor, memory, and graphic card involvement. Keep in mind this motherboard has a One X 32 MB bios. 

Furthermore, the Aorus Master costs you around 229 dollars, and That’s value for money product for a budget series motherboard. You get the 4 mm slots you can use for dual-channel memories and provide up to the 4400 MHZ clocking speed in the OS mode. Whenever you buy a Ram for this motherboard, make sure it’s in the list of Qualified vendor lists.


Although the FPS is a small word, it has significant importance in the gaming industry. It is our human nature whenever we are spending money, and we want that the device plays the games at better image quality. The performance of a game buyer in terms of FPS, the more FPS your graphic card can generate, the higher the result of the game on your display screen.

 Range of The FPS

  • Less than 30 FPS means the game will run on the lower graphical setting
  • In between 30 to 40 FPS, You will run the game on the average 
  • The range of 40 to 60 FPS show that the gameplay is good
  • More than 60 FPS mean that the game will provide the possible result and run on high graphics


Asus Rog Strix B550 comes with a sleek design and the black color box with a lovely done aesthetic shoot on the right and the RGB logo on the left side. Accessories-wise, you got everything you need inside the box. Even the ASUS includes an RGB extension cable and a complimentary zip ties bank for your cable management. You don’t need to buy an I/O shield separately because Shield is part of the board.

Accessory set includes

  •  Thank you card and Sticker sheet
  • Support DVD and RGB Extension Cable
  • Zip ties lock for the cable management 
  • Antenna For the better WIFI Range 
  • Two M.2 Mount Hardware


 The Rog Strix B550 is indeed a heavy-duty motherboard with plenty of features and a budget-friendly price bracket packet. Breaking the concept that the gaming PC can never be pocket-friendly, ASUS B550 is genuinely a performance beast. Most people get confused that the B series can be the mainstream, but what is B550 is all about. If you have a limited budget, then rather than rob the bank, go for the Strix B550 f gaming, which should be your top priority.

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