Acer Chromebook R11 Review (2 in 1) 2022

Acer Chromebook R11 is an effective tool for both professionals and students to ensure their place in the world of computing. But it is a problem to buy the best Chromebook.

Acer R11 Convertible Chromebook Review

Likewise, too much expenditure on a Chromebook is money wasted. We will thus counsel you to get Best 2 in 1 laptop under 300. Furthermore, on this page, we provide the most acceptable available Chromebook information and reviews. So, you are in the proper position if you are seeking this type of merchandise!

Why a Chromebook?

The purchase of a Chromebook is a sensible option for you, be you a student or a professional. It offers you the freedom, without spending much money, to do all jobs efficiently and correctly. You can do almost everything with a Chromebook.

Tablets, note-taking, word processing, and much more questionable tasks may be carried out. All of these operations may be performed using the Google Chrome browser. Additionally, all of the results can be saved in the cloud. Chromebooks are also running a Chrome OS and Linux-based OS that have been removed. You may thus claim that it is mainly based on the Chrome browser.

Why Convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook?

The 2-in-1 Chromebook convertible features 360-grade hinges for flexibility. In addition, it offers acrobatic features for the gadget to be used, as seen below in four distinct modes. These modes are usually called the laptop, tent, display, and tablet. Thus, you get a laptop and a laptop with everything between a single device by picking a 2-in-1 gadget.

Acer R11 Convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook:

This Acer Chromebook is the most OK Chromebook on the market in its list of 2-in-1 Chromebooks. It has everything you want to have on your Chromebook. It includes all the unbelievable features. It’s going to be a fantastic buy for you.

You can open this beautiful Chromebook touchscreen to a tablet. On the road to a tablet fun 360 degrees, you can also stop configuring it as a stand-up or tent-like display that can be placed on a window sill to view movies on the wide-screen during dining.

Chromebook of Acer R11 is the best Chromebook that you can get, hands-down. You will have a tone of more room for your work, and multi-tasks with a splendid 11.6″ screen can compete with some costlier competitors.

Moreover, the keyboard has a comfortable, silent flair and pleasant backlit. Even an HDMI port you can’t see every day on a small Chromebook. And the Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-core processor is (most significantly) free to handle large tabs without any problems. Spin’s speakers are not fantastic, and there is no biometric login, but it is an acceptable concession to make for such a cheap price notebook.

Acer is distinguished by creating a cheap laptop that’s great virtually in every manner in the market. The primary distinctions between Chromebooks are found on their scrans and maybe an included design in this price range.

Features of Acer R11 Convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook

  • 11.6″ HD Widescreen LED-backlit Display 
  • Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core Processor 1.6GHz
  • Intel Burst Technology
  • The multi-touch screen supports ten-finger touch
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 4GB DDR3L Memory
  • 32GB Solid State Drive
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Built-In HDR Webcam
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port
  • 1 USB 2.0 Port
  • HDMI Port
  • 3-cell Li-ion Battery (3220 mAh)
  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 8 x 0.8 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.8 pounds

Benefits of Acer R11 Convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook

No Huge storage required:

No rapid processing or especially massive storage is necessary for Acer Chromebooks to carry out their tasks. Thus, compared to regular computers, these are relatively inexpensive.

Reasonable Price:

You may say Windows laptops are around four times as costly as a Chromebook. The reason for this is that modern laptops have a big storage and RAM capacity. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on physical stockpiling on Chromebooks.

Secure and easy to update:

For younger kids, Chromebooks are particularly useful, as they are easy to use and generally secure. It’s also relatively straightforward, and even better, these laptops frequently do so themselves to upgrade the Chromebook.

Faster Processing:

Chromebooks are a new computer type meant to make things faster and easier. They run Chrome OS, a cloud-based operating system, Google’s best-integrated system, and numerous security layers. Find out more on Chromebook switching.

Optimized performance of Google apps:

If you already use Google’s favored applications, such as Calendar and Gmail, the Chrome OS is easy and more recommended to use.

Fast boot:

With an operating system that is deliberately simple and data saved on a solid-state drive, Chromebooks need to achieve less when you power up and reduce startup time considerably. In about 10 seconds, Chromebooks boot up.

Use as both laptop and tablet:

The Acer 2-in-1 Chromebook’s 360-degree Rotation function lets you transport it to any location. As a laptop and a laptop, you may enjoy this.

To conclude, Acer is for you the finest choice. So buy this one and experience the finest of all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of questions that can help you understand better. Therefore, read more to make the perfect decision.

Is the Acer Chromebook a good choice?

You have a durable battery, a small and lightweight design, dependable performance, and an extremely low cost. Although this initial low price is sufficiently outstanding, the Acer Chromebook 11 is around now for a matter of years so that some better bargains may be found.

What’s a Chromebook 2-in-1 mean?

Two-in-1 laptops are generally available in two types. The first is a hybrid, with the screen moving off the keyboard and acting as a tablet. The other is a convertible with a comprehensive overview of the screen. Unfortunately, there are not currently hybrid Chromebooks, so your only choice is a convertible.

Is 4GB of Chromebook RAM sufficient?

Most Chromebooks come with 4GB of RAM. However, some premium ones may have 8GB or 16GB. For most people who only conduct simple computation and work at home, 4GB of RAM is all you need.

How long is Chromebook supposed to last?

A new Chromebook’s anticipated usable lifespan is five years from its launch. It is Google’s documentation.

What are 2-in-1 computers used for?

Stated, 2-in-1 is a touch-optimized convertible laptop or removable tablet that includes both a touch screen and a particular sort of physical keyboard. You may use the 2-in-1 device as a conventional laptop when you require full-stroke keys and a touchpad.

Are there any USB ports on 2-in-1 laptops?

2-in-1s come into the hybrid or convertible tablet category and include different I/O connections, such as USB and Display Port that usually work with the desktop’s full functionality.

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